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Aaminah Haq Bra Size & Body Measurements

Aaminah Haq, variously spelt as Aaminah Haq Chishti and Amna Haq respectively is an award winning Pakistani actress and model. She has been nominated twice for People’s Choice Female Celebrity of the Year. She has also appeared in a number of advertising campaigns for different brands. Haq has also modelled for several magazines like She, Libra, Visage, Women’s Weekly, Ciea and Men’s Weekly.

Aaminah Haq was born in Karachi, Pakistan. Aaminah Haq studied at Ladyfield University, before embarking on a successful career in acting and modeling. Aaminah Haq got her break after appearing in a number of advertisements for different companies in the UK. She later went on to act in some Hollywood movies, which resulted in her receiving many awards for her work.

Aaminah Haq’s love life is a matter of controversy, with her husband coming in and out of her life over the years. However, in more recent times it has become a subject of great speculation, thanks to her appearance on the reality show, Rocking With Doc. In this show Aaminah Haq was seen drinking with a group of people in a public park, before being approached by a paparazzi who wanted to film her. The paparazzi did not have a right to film Aaminah Haq due to her being a Pakistani woman, however he was persistent and he even threatened to take legal action against her.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 36 B
Waist Size 26 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 36-26-34 Inches

Aaminah Haq then launched into a tirade against the paparazzi, saying that she would report the person to the police if he did not leave her alone. Aaminah Haq then refused to leave until the photographer left and refused to speak to the press before leaving the park. This led to the police approaching the paparazzi and he left. Aaminah Haq then made threats towards the photographer, stating that she would report him to the police for taking pictures without her consent.

Aaminah Haq moved abroad to the United Kingdom in the mid-eighties. However, in the late eighties she got married to an American man who is a US citizen and they have two children. Her late marriage did not stop her from pursuing her acting ambitions in Hollywood, and in 2021 she appeared in a number of movies, including the Fast And furious movie series. Aaminah Haq lives in Los Angeles now.

Aaminah Haq’s name comes from a wedding to a Pakistani prince in 1980 which was botched when the groom was not a prince but a mere commoner. Aaminah Haq’s family changed their name and began to call her Aaminah instead of Aamin. The name Aaminah Haq means wife in Urdu. Aaminah Haq’s acting prowess has made her a name on-screen in some of Hollywood’s best films such as Chicago, Crazy Heart and Minority Report. Aaminah Haq was also the face of Pakistan’s famous Quaid-e-Khatayari foundation and is currently working with it on an ongoing basis.

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