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Aasia Bra Size & Body Measurements

Aasia is best known as an actress in Pakistani films, and is a product of the country’s brave cinema culture. Aasia is also known by different names like Aasia Bedi, Aasia Coker and Aasia Doman. She was a prominent Pakistani actress during the time of Aasia Bedi. Aasia was born in 1952 at Firdous, Punjab, India.

She was named Aasia Butt. She later became known as Aasia Begum, a Canadian actress who was active during the early part of the 1970s and the early part of the 1980s in the movie industry in Canada and in Pakistan. She was born at Kapotkonda, Punjab. She lived in Toronto, Canada during the time of Aasia Bedi. She later lived in Montreal, Canada.


Bra Size Band, Under Bust Cup, Over Bust
75B 75-80 cm 34.5-35.5 in
80B 80-85 cm 36.5-37.5 in
85B 85-90 cm 38.5-39.5 in

In her films, Aasia has portrayed both the good and evil characters. Her role as Jasmine in the animated movie Aladdin is one of her popular roles. She has also appeared in other animated films and has been portrayed in a number of movies, including the remake of the Hindi movie Bandh Barata, and the comedy film Hamid Aataaz. In addition to these films, Aasia has also made several movies for television, including the family drama titled Dad Loves Money. Aasia is also better known as a Pakistani film actresses and was known to have appeared in a number of Hollywood action films, including hits like Kill Bill.

Aasia is not only known for her film and TV appearances, but she has also achieved a lot of success outside of the small screen as well. Aasia has won a number of awards for her works, including an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. She has also been nominated a number of times for Best Supporting Actress in a Leading Role, and Best Director for Best Original Score. Aasia’s other accolades include winning the best Pakistani Film Actress award at the 2021 Emmy Awards, as well as winning various Golden Globe Awards for her work in both film and television.

Aasia Bhaidar is a versatile actress, who can play different characters. She has been working in both the big and small screens for the past few years and has established a name for herself in the Punjabi Film Industry. Aasia has also acted in a number of films, which were released all over the world, including movies in Britain, France, Russia, India, and the United States. As a Pakistani woman, Aasia has faced some discrimination, and as a result, she has chosen to focus on bringing about change in her country and in her own family. Aasia believes in using her beauty to benefit society and has even launched her own boutique hotel inollywood, in order to support women in her country who are making their mark in theollywood industry.

Aasia Bhaidar is one of the few Pakistani actresses who have made it big in Hollywood, despite having to struggle through an extremely difficult time while trying to find her footing in the film industry in Pakistan. Aasia’s hard work has finally paid off, as she was recently selected to perform in the opening ceremony of the Toronto International Film Festival, for the very first time. Aasia has also been appointed as one of the faces of IFC Films International, the largest film company in Canada. Aasia will be promoting her first film, titled “Aasia” exclusively in IFC, in early stages, and is looking forward to working with IFC Films, which is believed to be a dream partnership for a Pakistani actress.

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