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Adah Sharma Bra Size & Body Measurements

Adah Sharma is a Mumbai-based actress, dancer and model who have featured in a number of Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films. Adah is also known as Adeel Chowdhry in India and is known for her sultry looks and sensuous moves. Adah has appeared in a number of high-budget, big-budget movies in the last few years including action-thriller ‘Endhiran’ starring Akshay Kumar and comedy ‘Chak De! Pakistan’ opposite Sharukh Khan. She has also been in a number of popular television shows including the crime serials, drama ‘Raat’ and fantasy/adventure show ‘Ek stalking Harpreet Bedi’ on Sony Pictures Television.

Adah was born in Hyderabad, India and is half Pakistani and half Indian. She is of Bengali, Indian and Pakistani descent and is described as a traditional, soft-spoken and beautiful actress who is passionate about her role as a dancer in Hindi and Telugu TV shows. Adah has always maintained a slender, curvaceous figure and this has been a trademark of her career and even her early appearances in television shows and movies conveyed that message. Adah has also showcased her talent for drawing attention to her body in some very revealing outfits including the skimpy jeggings she wore on the television show ‘Dhoom Reloaded’ and her mini skirts which are often seen on the ramps during performances by her friends. Adah is not comfortable revealing her real age and according to some sources she actually turns back to her toddler size when she goes out as a grown woman.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 26 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-26-34 inches

Adah’s real name is Adeel Chowdhry. Adeel Chowdhry joined the film industry when he was in his twenties and began appearing in Hindi and Telugu movies after that. He has since gone on to act in a number of high profile and Bollywood movies including ‘Chak De! India’ and ‘Killer’. Adah has additionally appeared in Hollywood blockbusters such as ‘Water Boy’ and ‘Man on the Moon’. Adah’s impressive filmography and impressive resume are further bolstered by the fact that Adah holds a bachelor’s degree in communication management and public policy from Cornell University.

What is interesting about Adah’s bio at Wiki, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is the fact that it lists her marriage to Ravi Shastri, a prominent Mumbai film personality and businessman. The marriage apparently took place in June last year. In a controversial move, Adah did not reveal the location of the marriage on her Wiki page and her bio did not specify the date of birth of her spouse. This means that Adah could be thirty years old or even older when she married Ravi. On the other hand, a source close to Adah confirmed to this news agency that Adah had tied the knot with Ravi on the day when Adah was supposed to appear at a charity ball in Mumbai.

Adah’s profile on Facebook does not list any of her children, making one suspect that she is either still with Ravi or is not telling him about her pregnancy because of which she has kept mum about her height increase. Another interesting feature of Adah’s personal Facebook page is the photo album posted by Ravi on it. It shows Adah with her then boyfriend Alok Bal, whom she had met in Mumbai when she went for an extended holiday. However, Alok later got married to wife of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, a supermodel from the Kolkata-based modeling agency Arti studios. Further speculations are that Adah may not have disclosed her height increase to Ravi since he is already fond of her and might pick up her when she comes back to Mumbai.

Whatever may be the case, Adah will remain in the limelight for the next two or three years, unless and until, the actor goes bachelorette and marries Debra, the only daughter of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Adah is also linked to another prominent Hindi movie actress called Priyadarshan Soman Nair, who plays a pivotal role in the sci-fi movie ‘IGolf’. Adah would not be the first Indian movie actresses to try her hand at playing the character of Adolph in ‘The Godfather’, as Jodha Akbar wisely did with his ‘Chakti’ role. However, the only difference between Adah and Chakti is that she played the mother in both the films. Expectations are high on Adah’s part, as she plans to be a household name in the Bollywood industry alongside the likes of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Ravi Mukherjee.

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