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Ainy Jaffri Bra Size & Body Measurements

Ainy Jaffri is a Pakistani actor and supermodel. She has also appeared in some Hollywood films, but her real claim to fame lies in her role as Mommystress in the award winning Bridal movie. Ainy Jaffri is described as having broad shoulders and a large bust and she is very attractive both inside and out. Ainy Jaffri first came to our attention when she appeared in an Islamic women’s magazine called Haska Dosti. There she was pictured in a swimsuit that showed her to have a nice athletic body and was also shown to have a nice complexion and an attractive face.

Ainy Jaffri rose to stardom later in her acting career. She achieved success in the 1980s in serials such as Aabara and Mughal. In one of the more famous serials Aabara, Ainy Jaffri plays the role of a young bride who has been raped by the groom’s brother. She then manages to get saved by an elderly man and gets married to a young warrior who is her hero.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-25-34 inches

Ainy Jaffri has been portrayed in many Pakistani dramas and has become quite popular over the years. Her name is Ayan Jaffri and she was born in Rawal Makar, Pakistan. Ayan Jaffri is known for her dramatic performances and her physique. As Ainy Jaffri it is easy to appreciate why she has been cast in a variety of different Pakistani and international dramas. Her career spanned four decades and during this time Ainy Jaffri made thirty-eight consecutive films.

Ainy Jaffri is today married to Abubak Razaq, the founder of the popular clothing chain Barkar. Ainy Jaffri has also acted in a number of Hollywood films including the remake of Charlie Brown, Yoga, The Fantastic Four, Kung Mangai, and Above All, Brides. A biography on Ainy Jaffri would begin with her life at a very young age in rural Pakistan. Ainy Jaffri was very close to her family and her childhood was spent studying Islamic philosophy, as well as attending madrasa and learning to be a teacher.

A biography on Ainy Jaffri reveals that she has a beautiful complexion and brown eyes. Ainy Jaffri is a trained dancer and singer and was even in the midst of a career as a dancer for Leisure Projects International (LPI). Ainy Jaffri’s first encounter with the film was in the 1976 movie Aashir.. She was a major character in the film and had a breakthrough role in the sequel Aashir again which she starred in the following year. Ainy Jaffri was nominated for an Oscar for her second film Aashir and her career in movies progressed to include such notable roles as Momma Sheikh, Happy Days, Zulfikar Ali Bhai, Kajol, Pazhana, Happy camper, Mumbai Love, and others. A biography on Ainy Jaffri reveals that she has also acted in some films as an actress in which she has played opposite Anushka Shetty, Prem Chopra, and Rana Kapoor.

A biography on Ainy Jaffri would reveal that her parents owned a dairy farm and her father was a learned ayurvedic doctor. Ainy Jaffri excelled in both science and medicine and went on to become a practicing ayurvedic physician, renowned for his cures for various illnesses. Ainy Jaffri is not only known for her role as an actress but has also achieved success as an author, public speaker, business woman, and entrepreneur. A biography on Ainy Jaffri is sure to be a fascinating read not only for those familiar with her career but also for those who are interested in the educational and spiritual paths she has pursued throughout her life. A biography on Ainy Jaffri will provide insight into the childhood influences that have impacted her throughout her professional life, her childhood and early education which led her to success as a doctor, public speaker, businesswomen, and entrepreneur, and her views towards materialism and materialistic pleasures.

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