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Alexis Arquette Bra Size & Body Measurements

Alexis Arquette is an American actor and singer who has spanned the entire acting field with a successful career. She is best known for her roles in comedies such as National Lampoon’s Animal House and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Loved Me. In recent years, she has ventured into acting, playing opposite prosthetically enhanced prosthetic man prosthetics in the movie 300. However, her most notable and noteworthy film roles have been in Hollywood blockbuster The Social Network and Iron Man.

Alexis Arquette was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of two Mexican immigrants. Her parents, Mario and Maria Arquette, came to the United States at the age of twelve from Mexico. At that time, according to her own biographer, Alexis Arquette had “a love of southwest tequila shots and dark cowboy hats”. It was this love of western music and fifties clothing that would help define her unique and distinctive style as an actress and singer throughout her adult life.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 D
Waist Size 28 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-28-36 Inches

Alexis Arquette’s first experience of theater came as a cast member of thermal cast of the Chicago Women’s Theater in the early nineteen sixty’s. It was here that she would hone her skills as an actress, debuting in one of her most well known and respected roles in the world of theater when she played the title role in the play Cabaret Dragoon. The play went on to sell out and see a second Broadway run. After its conclusion, Alexis Arquette went on to star in other plays such as Grease, Swing Vote, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Steel Magnolias. This versatile actress also appeared in movies such as Grease II: Here There Lie, Pretty Woman, and Mystic River.

Once again, it was acting where her skills as an actress were best discovered. As a result of her role in the aforementioned play, she was seen by many as an up and coming young starlet. Some critics even considered her to be more talented than David Arquette, who were widely known as an aging male Hollywood actor, and who had been seen as a more classic character actor. In an interesting turn of fate, a year after playing a major role in a major play, Alexis Arquette was discovered by Robert Downey Jr. He was immediately smitten with her appearance. The two became good friends and the two Hollywood greats were soon seen at numerous award shows and have remained friends ever since.

Another of Alexis Arquette’s roles was as a cabaret performer in the movie version of the Broadway hit show Grease. She appeared in the movie as the salty, yet sassyqueue diva known as “The King of Reggae”. For all of her many roles, however, one of her most famous is that of Alex Cross, a fictional character who was a main character in the popular American TV show, American Pie. While not nearly as well known as Alex Cross, there is no doubt that the former cabaret performer has achieved worldwide fame for her part in the show.

So, now you know how Alex Cross became a part of our Americanikanese folk culture. Did you also know that Alex was also a bisexual singer songstress? If so, you will definitely want to learn more about this aspect of her life.

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