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Amrita Rao Bra Size & Body Measurements

Amrita Rai was an actress who played a lead role in the movie “Ladies of Leisure”. She also appeared in some other movies and appeared as a commercial actress as well. Amrita Rai had also made her acting debut in the film “Singh in King”. Now she is famous for her great physique and her figure is a perfect example of shapely female body shape.

Amrita Rai was born in maharajasthani state of India. Her birthday is observed on the day named “Magh Mela”. Amrita Rao was once cast to play the lead role in a Hindi movie named as “Chak De! India “but failed in her first attempt and so went into her role as the main lead in the second version” Chak De! India “and the third version” Chak De! Pakistan” too.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 23 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-23-34 Inches

Amrita Rai’s most known roles are those in which she played strong female characters like that of the heroine in the movie, “Ladies of Leisure” and “Babu, Babu Maal”. She also appeared in the TV serials, “Indian Family” and “Indian Love” besides her television roles. Amrita Rai had several modeling opportunities in her earlier years and her portfolio featured mostly indoors and small sized Indian women’s dresses. These were seen on various print magazines and she had also participated actively in numerous beauty pageants. In the late nineties, she went to the United States to pursue modeling opportunities there and in the early noughties, she was married to an American citizen and moved to New York City where she settled and later divorced him.

There are several reasons that make Amrita famous in the Indian film industry. The first one is her role in “Mankatha”, which catapulted her to stardom status and made her popular among the masses. Since then, she has appeared in various other popular movies and her celluloid pictures have been shown on various international television channels. She has also gained some experience in theater work and even acted in some plays. Most of all, she has become a very famous and valued member of the Indian social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Amrita is not only an accomplished and talented actress but also has a very good body and looks great with her chic hairstyle and her saree. Her charm and all round beauty are brought out by the kind of work that she does and the kind of clothes she wears. This combination of beauty and brains makes Amrita a very sought after Indian Bollywood actresses. Most people think that a good looking and smart an Indian Bollywood actor is someone who is rich and famous. In Amrita’s case, both are true and she has certainly managed to achieve this status of being an Indian celebrity with little money and no big name.

The fact is that Amrita has always used her looks alone to attract a great number of men. However, not too many men were willing to take risks with her bra size because of her being a small-busted Indian film actress. However, today thanks to her marriage to Ajit Dutt, she was finally allowed to reveal her perfect figure. Not only did she manage to bring out her all round beauty with the help of her well-shaped and cut films but she also managed to show her willingness to accept herself and not try to be like other women who are after bra sizes 34 inches and above.

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