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Amyra Dastur Bra Size & Body Measurements

Amyra Dastur is a Parsi from Mumbai India. Amyra dastur was only born on July, 1993 at Mumbai, India. She is a brown skin lady with long dark hair and brown eyes. Amyra dastur wears modern looking clothes and has simple but elegant jewellery collection.

In the last century Amyra dastur had married a Parsi called Naidu, who had converted to Zoroastrianism. Naidu taught Amyra dastur many things like how to read the ancient Vedas and how to use the astrology zodiac to find one’s right place in the family tree. This made her more knowledgeable about this religion and helped her to understand the philosophy of Zoroastrianism better. When Amyra dastur returned to her homeland she spread her teachings all over her beloved city of Mumbai.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Body  Measurements 34-25-35 Inches

In this Amyra Dastur biography we will be investigating the different parts of her early life, which produced the famous woman that is Amyra faster. First we will be investigating her birth certificate. An Amyra Dastur biography would mention her birth date as 7 July 1993 at Mumbai and then will mention her place of birth. She did not have an adoption record in her native country of Iran and hence was automatically considered an orphan. She had been married twice, though both marriages were void of any legal records and thus left with no adoption record in either state or country.

The most important document relating to Amyra Dastur B.A is the school records as they will help us to ascertain that she attended the same school as the famous actresses Hrithik Roshan and Sushmita Sen. Though born in India, Amyra dastur maintained her Indian citizenship. Though she never married, she had two daughters named Hrithik and Sushmita and one son named Jehangir. These two daughters married men from Pakistan and therefore Jehangir became a citizen of Pakistan while Hrithik and Sushmita remained citizens of India.

Amyra Dastur B.A biography will mention that after her marriage to Kullu Sen she started working in a Mumbai theatre and later on she went to Los Angeles. In 1992 she appeared in a film called ‘Mana’, which was a Hindi film starring Sharukh Khan and was released in the year 1996. Since then she has been in almost every Hindi film and even in Hollywood movies too.

After her marriage to Kullu Sen in 1976, Amyra Dastur B.A biography reveals that she had become obsessed with astrology and numerology and that is why she signed up for the International Yoga Festival in India. She was fascinated by the zodiac sign Taurus and that sign is associated with strength, courage, action and versatility. Though she was not a good dancer and certainly not an actress, she certainly made her presence felt by wearing heavy clothes and carrying heavy objects like a walking stick and by walking long distances. It was this act that got Amyra Dastur B.A. recognized at the International Yoga Festival in India and that led to her gaining much attention and recognition as a yoga teacher as well as a yoga celebrity.

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