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Ananya Panday Bra Size & Body Measurements

Ananya Panday first came to prominence inolkata as a teen in the 1980s, but her career has spanned almost half a century. Ananya Panday was born in 1920 in a small village called Bhaidooj in Bengali. It was here that she earned her name by playing the role of an enchantress in a Hindi play called Lakhmi. It was her first brush with western movies that made her understand the importance of size in Indian cinema. After this experience, Ananya slowly immersed herself in English movies and gradually graduated into playing strong characters in her own right.

Ananya Panday’s body shape owes much to Bengalis – though not exclusively. Her father, Pandit Mohan Lal told in an interview with Indiatimes that she had been always intrigued by the Indian physique which he said was ‘naturally robust’. Ananya also has the surname of Pandit, which in Bollywood denotes someone who has worked in big industries. Thus, the first lady of Hindi cinema may be a bit less polished than her siblings in terms of background but that does not mean that her filmography should be dismissed with the usual adjectives like ‘obstinate’ or ‘strong-willed’.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 32 B
Waist Size 24 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Body  Measurements 32-24-34 Inches

Ananya Panday first acted in Hindi films as an extra during the late 1940s and she appeared in a remake of Agneepath as well as Jai Lalit’s Mankatha. Though her acting career debut was relatively brief, it marked a high point for Ananya as she appeared in at least five films in India between the late 1940s and early ’60s. Some notable names who were part of Indian cinema during that period include Rajkumar Kohli, Jodha Karankutty, Anish Kapoor, H Dhami, Sushmita Sen and Soumik Mukherjee. There was no shortage of female Bollywood actors during this era, though Ananya might have had the shortest acting career of them all. The only reason why she may not be as well known today is that few of her films got screened in English.

Ananya’s latest outing is Kismet Konnection. She plays an ageing nurse who is found frail in a hospital. The story revolves around her relationship with a young man, played by Kajol. Ananya’s previous roles include Ananya in the TV serials “Indian Love” and “Aakash” and a supporting role in Humko Deewana’s comedy “Utsav”.

Ananya was born in 1984 in Shimla in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India and is one of eight children of Ananya Panday, an acclaimed Hindi comedy actor and singer. She began to hone her skills as a child and joined a performing troupe early in her life and later studied acting at Raffles College in Pune. After completing college, she spent a few years in Delhi, appearing in a number of popular Hindi movies such as “Chakka”, “Singh in King”, “Dhoom Reloaded” and “Yehana”.

Ananya’s father is a prominent lawyer and she is known affectionately as Ananya. Most of her early roles were in television serials, though she did feature in a couple of high profile movies, most notably “Chakka”, “Singh in King”, “Dhoom Reloaded” and “Yehana”. Recently, she appeared in a small yet significant Hindi movie called “Mankatha”, which co-starred Anil Shah and Ranbir Kapoor. Since the release of this movie, Ananya has had a good chance to showcase her talent and has since been cast in many more movies, including one directed by Anushka Shetty.

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