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Anaswara Rajan Bra Size & Body Measurements

Anaswara Rajan Biography Anaswara Rajan was born in 1986 in Mangalore, Karnataka. Her mother is from Kodaikanal in Kerala’s Kumarakom district. Her father is a farmer. Rajan started studying Art at tertiary level in a renowned school there. Later she joined Indira Gandhi National University College of Art & Design in Hyderabad, India where she pursued her degree in Textile Design and Designing, eventually earning a B.A in Textile Design.

Anaswara Rajan has gone on to be known as an award winning Indian Actor, actress, and producer. She has achieved critical acclaim for her performances in several prominent Malayalam movies such as Kamal Amrohi’s Bhumika in 2021, starring Ajith Kumar, Nanban (Koena Sheikh), and Thuppakki Deewana Karthik (Nanban). She is best known for her roles in Tamil cinema as Anand Sagar in Anand H Krishnan’s Baahubali (Movie), Kannan (Chhotelal Mishra), and Mankatha (Movie). She also did some voice acting and went on to do some screen acting in Hindi movies too.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 30 B
Waist Size 27 Inches
Hips Size 31 Inches
Shoe Size — (US)
Body  Measurements 30-26-34 Inches

Anaswara Rajan’s first major role was in a remake of Hindi movie Dholeday (Directed by S.S. Rajamouli), which was eventually called Anaswara Rajan. She played the lead role in this film alongside A. R. Khan as the loveable Nandu. It was a box office hit in Kerala and Rajan was nominated for the same. She then did small or uncredited parts in other Kannan movies, as well as doing some voice work. Some of her later roles were in Ajith Kumar’s Mankatha, and in an interesting episode of S.H. VPachesata; where she played a Nandita who loved Lord Vishnu.

Anaswara Rajan’s other notable contribution to Hindi cinema was her performance in Khaleja (Daughter of the King), which was made by B.K.S. Sundaram. She did not like the character that was given to her, but due to popular demand, she changed her name to Anashima Anaswara Rajan and appeared in this movie along with her co-stars. This was also her first experience in leading a Hindi film in which she was not the star.

Anaswara Rajan also did some cameo roles in other Malayalam films such as Baahubali, Kismet Killa, and Chennai 6, in which she played the villainous role of Sholapatra. While in Baahubali, she had the distinction of being the only actress in the entire movie to be on screen at the same time. Her role as the evil Queen in Kismet Killa earned her praises from the critics and the audience alike. And when she finally received her honors and accolades for her acting debut in Anaswara Rajan Biography, it was through her award-winning performance in Baahubali that the actor finally received her greatest accolade – an accolade that she is yet to ignore.

If we have left any doubt in your mind regarding the real name of Anaswara Rajan, let us finish it up by informing you that her real name is Anand Sagar, and not Anaswara Rajan. Anand Sagar’s real name is Anand Sagar Valliyar, and not Anaswara Rajan. Anand has been working in Singapore ever since he received his scriptwriter credit for Baahubali and has gone on to receive multiple awards for his work in various entertainment projects. He is now primarily known for his work in Vizag, Malaysia, and Rajasthan. Other notable accolades that he has garnered include Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Supporting Actress in a Leading Role at the Golden Globes.

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