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Anjuman Shehzadi Bra Size & Body Measurements

Anjuman Shehzadi is an actress from Pakistan, who has acted in over a hundred films and has appeared in more Hollywood films than any other Pakistani actress. Shezhsana has also acted in some television programs and movies too. Anjuman Shehzadi is the middle name of Anjuman Shehzad. Anjuman Shehzad means “successor to Anjum Anand.”

Anjuman Shehzadi is a Punjabi actress, who was born in 1984 in Rawal, a city in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Anjuman Shehzadi’s Net Worth: $1.6 million. Anjuman Shehzadi began her career when she was just 14 years old, and at that time, her acting prowess was already noticeable.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-25-34 inches

Anjuman Shehzadi’s career began with small roles in movies and later on, she was cast in lead roles in many successful movies made in the year 2021. Shezhsana has appeared in leading roles in blockbuster films such as Kill Bill, Ram Gopal Varma’s Let Go, Dhiren Shah’s Anjuman, and Apoorvanath’s Arundhati. In recent films, Anjuman Shehzadi has been given heavy character roles and has been seen playing opposite the best known names in Pakistani cinema – like Sharukh Khan, Rana Yash Raj, Kiaran Shah, Javed Akhtar, and Karan Johar. Shezhsana’s notable roles in Indian films have earned her critical acclaim in the country and in the international film industry as well.

Today, Anjuman Shehzadi’s net worth is in excess of Rs 45 million. She has largely acted in Bollywood films but has also appeared in Hollywood films such as London Beach, American Beauty, Meet the Parents, and Man on the Moon. Her most famous role till date, however, is that of Punjabi movie actress, Sohana. Sohana was a female character in the popular movie let released in 2021, titled as Nehela. Today, Sohana is one of the most well known and admired actresses in the Pakistani film industry.

Anjuman Shehzadi’s real name is Irfan Habib, but her real name is Anjuman Saleem. Her birth date is not known. However, according to some reports, Anjuman Shehzadi may have been born around seventy-three years, on September 1977, in Rawal Maktar High School, in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Anjuman Shehzadi’s other names are Anjuman Saleem, Anjuman Haqqi, Anjuman Shehnaz, Anjuman Karim, Anjuman Rehman, and Anjuman Shaher. She is a famous and talented actress, who has redefined the art of acting in Pakistani cinema. She has also created her own unique artistic career, which has been an inspiration to many other actors and actresses in the world. This is the reason, why she has received numerous awards for her roles in different movies.

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