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Anne Archer Bra Size & Body Measurements

Anne Archer was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1924. She was a petite, dark-skinned woman who enjoyed playing the role of the evil witch in a number of movies throughout the thirties and forties. After appearing in a number of television shows, Anne Archer began playing the recurring role of the evil witch Dottie Messner in several horror films. In her later years, she also appeared in some movies as a witch. Eventually, she became known as the evil Queen in the popular movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Anne Archer was an American actress who was known for her roles in films such as The Secret, The Man With One Red Shoe and Swing Vote. She was also very popular as the evil witch in the memorable Psychological suspense film Fatal Attraction (1947), which earned her many acting awards and nominations for the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Following her award win for Swing Vote, Archer appeared in four additional films, featuring parts in Spellbound (1948), The Guiding Light (1951), The Lady from Sloane Street (1953) and Once Dead. Her final film, Face – Mary Miles, was not an Oscar winner but nevertheless made her one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. In recent years, Archer has focused her efforts on stage and TV performance, most notably in Broadway play Before Your Very Eyes (2021).

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 C
Waist Size 24 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-24-36 Inches

During the late thirties and forties, Anne Archer had an affair with British writer Philip Sidney Lewis who was an author and editor for Vanity Fair magazine. They were married for thirty-two years. Archer co-founded the International Association of Hypnosis, which she used to promote the art of hypnotism and to collect membership dues from therapists worldwide. Her involvement with the International Association of Hypnosis was to help develop the world of hypnotherapy, which she had been studying for her role as a hypnotherapist in the movie Fatal Attraction (1947). Her association with the IAH began when she was cast as a supporting player in the musical Top Secret Blues Motel, a role which also featured eventual Oscar award winner Edward D. Roeg.

After her marriage to Sidney Lewis, Anne Archer continued to work on her movie career, working on such movies as Come As You Are, Swing Vote, The Man Who Played Goats and finally Face – Mary Miles. Though Archer’s contribution to the world of hypnosis is often overshadowed by her association with the swinging lifestyle, she was actually much closer to it than she let on. She was a regular at parties hosted by Sixties radicals, even participating in the Beat movement while wearing a sari. Archer was equally involved in the anti-war movement as she was in the entertainment industry. In fact, her participation in the latter resulted in her being arrested and held overnight at the Searlesville prison facility.

Though the publicity surrounding the role of Bitch in Fatal Attraction created a stir and caused the producers to include her in later projects, it was the media attention surrounding the early work of Anne Archer which really propelled her career. She received a Golden Globe nomination for Bitch, playing a small role as herself in the film. Though the award was for a supporting role in a well deserving film, it marked the beginning of the end for Anne Archer as a serious actor. Though she never achieved success again in Hollywood, Bitch did receive critical acclaim from audiences all over the world. Following the release of Bitch, several other lesser-known actresses came forward with their own careers, including Linda Sagra and Mildred Loving

When Anne Archer passed away, her son Peter was able to pick up where his mother left off in her acting career. He went on to star as the father in the musical, Mame among others, and he also produced a number of successful movies, most notably A Christmas Story. However, it was not until the seventies that Anne’s role as herself would be recognized. To date, she is perhaps best remembered by fans of her television appearances, or even as one of the female characters in cartoons such as The Simpsons. One interesting fact about Anne Archer’s life is that she actually had the same name as another celebrated American television personality of the seventies, Judge Judy.

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