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Apple Chan Bra Size & Body Measurements

Apple Chan was born on March 12, 1989 (aged 32). She presently is a well-known celebrity actress with several roles in both mainstream and Asian films. She studied at the prestigious LASALLE School of the Arts in Singapore. She also spent some time in Los Angeles, California, where she acted in some films made by Walt Disney.

Apple Chan was one of the first Asian actresses to make a name for herself in the American entertainment industry. She rose to stardom as an actress in her mid-twenties and even appeared in the very first American film made by Walt Disney in 1980. Since then she has gone on to receive numerous awards for her roles in films such as Crazy Heart (1990), Falling For Richard (1991), Kung Mangai (1992), Tinah (1994), Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (2021), Romance, opposite Bruce Willis and In the Cut (2021), Bridesmaids (2021), and Who Do You Think About Me (2021).

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 24 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-24-34 inches

Apple Chan was not too far from her birth country when she became an actress in Singapore, but because she was born in Japan, her birthplace, she does not get the respect of many Asian actresses. This, however, does not seem to dampen her popularity in the field. Apple Chan is known for her sultry looks and sophisticated face, which have endeared her to millions of viewers worldwide. She can be seen along the many famous faces of pop culture in her popular television shows including Scrubs, Hawaii Five-0, Smallville, Lost, The X-Files, Alias, and Friends. She also has a number of popular novels to her credit, most of which were later made into big movies.

The good news is that Apple Chan has a number of role models in the acting business. Her close friend Ong Koo, who is currently on stage in the movie remake of Man on the Moon, is another great Asian actor who has managed to establish his own name in the world of show business. Ong’s popularity is owed primarily to the kind of face he presents, with an Asian sensibility that makes his work relatable to a typical American audience. In terms of net worth, Ong is only second to Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, who is easily the highest earning Asian actor in terms of yearly earnings.

One of Apple Chan’s greatest assets is her height, at just over 12 feet she is a giant among Asians and one of the taller women in Hollywood. Aside from her height, she is also well known for her elegant facial features. This makes her one of few Asian actresses with recognizable face and body qualities. Her physique is quite toned, which helps to accentuate her youthful look. Apple Chan was not always so thin. Growing up as an actress in Hong Kong, she always had an eating disorder, to which doctors had been wary of prescribe drugs to avoid addiction.

She was an only child, born to a Chinese father and a Hong Kong mother. Apple Chan was often criticized for her small size by friends and family members, and even by some of her peers in the theater, but she refused to accept her small body flaws and her critics eventually saw her sincerity for her chosen career path. Apple Chan is probably best recognized by her recurring role as the mother in the Hong Kong movie series, The Nutcracker. Despite the fact that The Nutcracker was not a box office hit, the woman’s dedication and love of her family and her acting skills definitely came through, and she has gone on to enjoy a varied acting career, including playing the grandmother in the TV sitcom, Raising Helen, and the evil Queen in the TV movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She has also appeared in some movies as an evil villainess, and as the sister of Sung Hee, in the award winning film, Trancers.

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