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Barbara Bain Bra Size & Body Measurements

Barbara Bain is a prolific writer for many publications both fictional and non-fictional. Her most notable works include the novels Cinnamon Carter and Swing Vote, and were later made into movies. Barbara Bain was born in Detroit, Michigan and is of Irish descent. As an adult, she was a prize winner of the World Science Fiction Hall of Fame for her work featuring aliens.

Barbara Bain was named one of the best actresses of the year for her performance as Cinnamon in the film Mission Impossible. Barbara Bain was born in September, 1931, in Chicago, Illinois, and is of Irish descent. She won three consecutive Emmy Awards for her part in the film and was later nominated for the Golden Globe Awards. In fact, her appearance at this year’s Academy Awards was one of the most memorable moments in Academy Awards history.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 27 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-27-36 Inches

Barbara Bain was also an accomplished writer for several television shows and movies, including the classic Who’s The Boss? and the movie adaptation of the same name. Her credits also include the classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit? which she wrote for Disney Television. It was Barbara Bain, who originated the blue screen fuzz that is associated with the character Alice in Lewis Carroll’s infamous tale. Additionally, she co-authored and co-directed the movie version of The Perfect Score, which was made by Disney as part of their Renaissance period cartoon franchise known as The Fairies

Barbara Bain has been described as having a “quirky” style of working that involves a wide range of styles in writing, acting, and directing. Her scripts for science-fiction television programs such as Star Trek, Stargate engender The Outer Limits, have consistently received critical acclaim. Her feature film appearances include such films as Airplane! and High School Confidential, both of which were critically acclaimed at the time of their release. As an actress, she has appeared in some major motion pictures, including the comedies Bigelow and Bruce Almighty.

In between her acting and writing career, Barbara Bain has worked as a producer and screenwriter, among others. However, she will always be known as the mother of two teen actresses, Ellen DeGeneres and Brandon Cook, who found fame together in their short films Bigelow and 2021: A Space Odyssey. Although she was married to Martin Landau during the early parts of their relationship, the two later broke up in 1998. Shortly thereafter, she met then-actor-turned-comedian Ben Stiller and the two quickly became serious friends. After their marriage, the two made an effort to repair their rocky romance and they remained friends throughout their years of marriage.

Barbara Bain has had a varied acting career and has been able to fulfill her most fulfilling role-guest-of-honor in the sitcom Double Dutch. She also has a part in the popular series Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and has been seen on numerous other episodes of that series. Her many credits also include stints on numerous high-end TV shows including Shield, Frasier, ER, CHEERS, Everybody Loves Raymond, House, and a brief stint on Law and Order: The New York Police Department. These and other roles she’s been seen on make her one of the more recognizable faces in Hollywood, which may be why you’ve seen her on some of your favorite shows or movies.

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