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Bhanumathi Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bhanumathi Biography is one of the renowned biographies of the famous actresses of India. Initially known as Bhanumathi Premchandran, Bhanumathi was actually an Indian film director, actress, singer, lyricist and producer. Widely recognized as the first woman superstar of Telugu cinemas, Bhanumathi rose from humble beginnings to fame and fortune. She managed to establish herself as one of the foremost and respected personalities in Telugu film industries.

Bhanumathi was born in 18 mitigation near Kuttanad, Andhra Pradesh in India. She was said to have studied art and music at the time of her early youth in her family’s cottage in Betapally. The family also produced a number of Tamil movies and even produced some award winning Telugu dialogues in the late thirties. Bhanumathi began her illustrious career in family cinema when she was just twenty years old with her first major role coming in the immensely popular song ‘Chhotelu’.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 32 B
Waist Size 27 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 32-26-37 Inches

Bhanumathi went on to appear in a number of popular movies such as Nayamya (Nayam), Bhumika (Bhumika), Jooti (Jooti), Bhumika Haritaki (Bhumika), Nanban (Nanban), Tintu (Tintu), and many more. Bhanumathi’s performances in these films helped her secure initial career breaks in various television channels in India as well as Bollywood. She was also an important member of the highly acclaimed dance troupe, the troupe which choreographed for the Nationalrobatics all India festival. Her filmography is mostly remembered from her prominent appearances in the Tamil film genre, which she began after her first major role in Jooti. These roles saw her fame continues to grow and she became one of the most popular and critically acclaimed performers of her time.

Bhanumathi’s most important and most widely acknowledged film work includes the Tamil movie ‘Chhotelu’ or ‘The Queen’, which won her three Filmfare Awards including the best actress category. It is her first ever win at the coveted Oscar Awards. Apart from this award, Bhanumathi also gained considerable popularity through her appearances in some well received Telugu TV serials and her contribution to the Indian classical music scene. She has also been nominated for Filmfare Award and the best actress nominee for the same.

Bhanumathi’s name has become synonymous with Tamil cinema and even non Tamil people seem to have been familiar with her name for some time now. Recently however, Bhanumathi’s name has been in the news for a different reason. A case of plagiarism has been filed against Bhanumathi by Telugu film producer Karthik Panchamrut. According to the lawsuit, Bhanumathi had written and sung a song on the basis of another song that was professionally done. This is the second plagiarism case filed against Bhanumathi, following an alleged case of plagiarism in the Telugu film industry.

Bhanumathi is yet to respond to the charges against her. Her lawyer has said that the case is being fought on the basis of fairness and also due to economic reasons. He also denied that Bhanumathi had any hand in writing or coining the popular word ‘Bhagavan’ in Telugu. Bhanumathi’s career in the film industry however, will go on despite these charges as she has proved herself over the years.

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