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Bhavana Rao was born in 1797 in the state of Orissa, where she was a descendant of the Sailur rulers. Bhavana is one of the most well-known ladies of that era. Her name is significant as it means “without fear.” She is the daughter of King Bhagirath and Madduki. She is one of the few characters in Kannada literature, whose real name is revealed. Bhavana’s real name is Bhasa.

Bhavana’s real name is Bhasa Bhavana and she was born sometime around 1797 in Kollam, formerly called Alappuzha, in the state of Orissa. She is an Indian actor who mainly plays heroine roles in Kannada and Tamil movies. Bhavana was born in a small fishing village named Bhavana Alor. It was here that she first acted in her first ever role as a child, playing the role of a small girl drowning in a stream.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 35 B
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Initially, Bhavana moved to Alappuzha, Kerala to continue her acting career in the Tamil movies. However, after barely two years in the region, she moved back to Kannada to continue her career there. It was here that she honed her craft and became known as Bhavana Rasa. Some of her earlier roles in Kannada movies include Durga Puja queen in Ajit’s Karan video, Bhava Kootha in Bhumika’s Bhumika, and Kannada heroes Bhavya and Bheema in Ajith’s Baahubali. All these roles earned her accolades and even came about with the blessings of then governor of Kannada, Jaggannagar Elova.

Later, Bhavana went on to act in more tamil films with popular names like Bhavya, Bhavana, Jivani, Kavita, Kothri and many more. However, she always returned to her first love – Tamil cinema. In fact, her last two films, Bhumika and Baahubali, were both directed by S.S. Rajamouli. Though Bhavana has gone through several hatches, Bhumika and Baahubali are her best.

Bhavana was conferred with the Padma Shri (Lifetime Achievement) in 2000 by the Filmfare Awards for her starring role in Bhumika, an epic film about a princess (played by Bhavana) who goes on to marry a common man and fall in love with him. Apart from being a prominent film actress in Kannada films, Bhavana has also established her name as a top screenwriter in Kannada cinema. She has written a number of best selling novels and screenplays – most notably, her first novel, Sailakee, which became a favorite novel among Kannada film fraternity. However, Bhavana has not yet acted in any of her many films. However, in the last few years, Bhavana has shown an inclination to come out with some new roles.

Bhavana is yet to receive a major accolade from the Filmfare Award, but she is certainly on the right path. Most of the award winners will always be conferred with the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ title and Bhavana is definitely right in the lead. She has managed to cast a spell on the audience with her amazing character. Even if Bhavana is not awarded with a Best Supporting Actress (AS) nomination at the forthcoming awards ceremonies, she will certainly win the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay category for Bhumika. A Bhavana Rao Biography is sure to make a great hit among film buffs and fans of art and culture in the state of Karnataka.

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