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Daisy Irani Bra Size & Body Measurements

There’s no denying that the career of Daisy Irani has caught the fancy of fashionistas across the world. With her trademark long hair and chic looks, the flamboyance of the young Iranian star is endearing to many. Born in Glasgow, Iran, Daisy started her career in the theater but found her way into the limelight later on, playing opposite Anoushka Shankar in a well-received film “Indian Express” and garnering a number one slot in her first ever film “Lion King”. She then went on to play an exotic dancer in the animated hit “Kangaroooot” and a terrorist in the blockbuster hit “Singapore, IL”. Now, she is known as an actor, fashion model and the author of the fashion magazineazine “Ladies” – with a Bengal and camel coat that’s just right for the ladies!

As you would expect, keeping up with Daisy’s recent roles, the Internet is a rich source of photographs, images and information about the actress. But, how do you tell which photographs are the genuine articles and which ones are overstaged propaganda? Well, there are some ways by which you can check out whether the information presented in the photograph has any basis. The fact that Daisy appears to be wearing a smaller or bigger bra size is one good way of assessing whether the image presented is authentic or not.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 33 B
Waist Size 26 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 33-26-36 Inches

Let’s take for example the image of the bust that is widely circulated on the Internet. The Internet is filled with images of women who apparently sport smallish busts. However, the real bust measurement of a person is going to be significantly smaller than the image depicts. So, if you have the bust measurement in mind and the image of Daisy Iranian at your side, you can make your mind up if the image is actually telling the truth or not.

The other method of checking out an image is to go by the real-life description of the celebrity mentioned in the picture. In case the description does not mention the bra size, then it is most probably not the real thing. Similarly, if the description mentions the bust measurement in terms of a US cup, it is most likely not the real thing. There are a few celebrities who have very huge busts but their actual bust measurement is not mentioned in the media because they are usually modest.

However, there are still chances that the photographs may have been staged or embellished. Take for instance, pictures of actresses in movies that have had massive body building surgeries to acquire stunning looks often end up looking very unnatural. There is no way of knowing if the photographs were actually taken before the surgery or after the surgery. It is best to be skeptical about such photographs until you have seen the real results.

Some of the most well-known actresses in Hollywood who have had their breasts reduced are Angelina Jolie, breastfeeding mother Patti LaBelle, and singer Janet Jackson. Most of the photographs of them have had different backgrounds. Pictures taken inside a studio to have a more natural look to them. However, when photographs are clicked outside the studio, the background can create the impression that the actress has undergone a huge weight loss. Such photos can be very convincing and can be used for convincing purposes. A person can even go to great lengths to replicate the look and size of a celebrity with a fake bust.

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