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Deedar Bra Size & Body Measurements

Deedar, the durable hardwood, has been utilized in furniture for generations. In North America, this softwood harvested from the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, is widely used in wood turning and finishing for cabinet construction, flooring applications and furniture. Deedar is noted for its resistance to a variety of changes in temperature and humidity, as well as its ability to resist decay and infestation by insects. Deedar is also noted for its ability to produce natural white color stains that are ideal for use in stain and paint application, particularly on white cabinets and doors.

DEEDAR AVG Height: Deedar is described as a light brown honey brown with traces of reddish brown and tan colors. Eye color is described as cream with hints of gold or silver. Deedar is the medium density form of this softwood, having an estimated density of forty pounds per cubic foot. This approximate density makes it one of the lowest moisture content hardwoods available.

AUTHENTICITY: Pakistan’s tourism department has given the best possible certification for Deedar Pakistan and Deedar India, in terms of authenticity and provenance. Deedar Pakistan has won a certificate from Lahore University for its Pakistan origin, as well as a second certificate from IEA for its lahore origin. A third certificate was awarded from IIA in Dubai, which recognized Deedar Pakistan’s unique lahore processing technique.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 27 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-27-34 Inches

ESSENTIAL NEED: Pakistanis are famous for their decorating accents and high-quality products. A simple word of caution, however: Deedar Pakistan may not be the right choice for your next door addition!

SEEDY COLOR: Deedar is a golden honey color with noticeable reddish highlights that produce a warm, honey hue on its surface. The reddish highlights actually come from the bark of the Deedar tree, through which reddish coloring occurs. The golden coloration is actually due to a variety of carvings and impacts that occur on the surface of the Deedar. The result of these carvings is a deep, warm glow on the surface of the bark, which has been called the “agle eye” effect of the Deedar.

LACK OF EPIDEMIC REFERENCES: There are no documented or peer reviewed references to support the claims of the use of Deedar in the past. The lack of empirical evidence is disturbing, especially considering how commonly used and abused the oil of Deedar is in Pakistan.

ACTOR WHO Inspired Deedar: Pakistani actress Sharbat Chhornabadi is the most likely candidate as the Deedar with an epidemic of ringworm in Pakistani cinema. Sharbat Chhornabadi’s breakout film “Chhornabadi” or “The Lady” (in Hindi/Urdu) was directed by Neeraj Vishwanath and starred Sharbat Chhornabadi along with several other famous faces of Pakistani cinema. Neeraj Vishwanath also directed the hit drama “Karachi” (in Urdu). Sharbat Chhornabadi’s Deedar-like ringworm on her toe is quite common in Pakistani cinema and she is seen wearing this accessory almost exclusively in her films.

ONLY ACTRESS WHO LIKE DEEDAR: All but one (Bollywood) stage actresses in Bollywood have been seen wearing Deedar accessories. Nawaz Shaikh, who played the comic character of Dhireen in Mankatha, was seen wearing Deedar Bracelet on his left ankle. Tarun Tahiliani and Prem Chopra were the other two stage performers who were seen wearing Deedar Bracelets on their ankles. Nawaz Shaikh and Tarun Tahiliani are both famous stage performers while Prem Chopra is probably better known for his acting. It is not very clear which actor wore Deedar on the day of his death.

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