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Deepti Bhatnagar Bra Size & Body Measurements

Deepti Bhatnagar was born in Mangalore, Karnataka in the year 1940. She has played different characters in more than a few films, including Kurnool and the alternate universe character of Vayu in Starry Night. She began to develop her physique slowly after her early teen years, and even had weight problems while she was very young. She finally became a household name with the release of her first film – Deepti Bhatnagar in 1976, followed by the equally successful Deepti Bhatnagar II: The First Hunt.

Deepti Bhatnagar was born in Mangalore in what was then British India. She is fond of numbers, and particularly the digits thirty and seven; both numbers and letters form part of her real name, Deepti Bhatnagar. She was studying mathematics at college when the second world war broke out, and she was briefly married to an Indian army officer. Following the war, she worked as a secretary in a railway office before setting out to study for the degree which would give her the real name Deirde.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 26 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-26-34 Inches

Deirde Bhatnagar grew to become a very fit woman, who carried herself with self-assurance and even wore a modest merit university uniform. She took great care of her body measurements and was particularly concerned that her bust was too small – it was a problem faced by many Indian women at the time, and she therefore took every step to ensure that her figure was as perfect as possible. Deirde never revealed her real name, but the police were eventually able to identify her due to a series of body measurements carried out by medical staff on the day of her death. It transpired that Bhatnagar had been living with an unknown man, and had given this man her current address as well as her telephone number.

The man in question was Babu, and Deirde and Babu had were travelling from a village called Meerut, in northern India to a town called Chandigarh, in Punjab. They were expected to return to India on the 1st September, but were delayed for some unknown reason, and were found dead in a stream close to their destination. Autopsies were carried out on both Deirde and Babu, and it was eventually revealed that they had been strangled by drowning. This made Deirde’s murder not only one of the most high profile murder mysteries of the twentieth century, but also one of the most infamous in Indian history.

Deirde was an orphan, whose father was in jail for life after he had been arrested for involvement in the murder. She had recently become a celebrity actress and had just completed filming for a popular soap opera when she was found dead. Autopsies proved that she had been suffocated to death by strangulation, but other reports suggested that she had been pushed into the stream in order to drown – a suggestion that fits neatly into Deirde’s personality. Deirde Bhatnagar was born in Rishikesh, a state in central India, and was one of four children. Her parents, Sailo and Meera Bhatnagar, were originally from Hindi speaking Punjab.

Deirde Bhatnagar became a popular name in Indian cinema after her association with Ranbir Kapoor. She went on to play the lead role in three Kapoor films, ‘Do Gaz Zameen’, ‘Dhoom Reloaded’ and ‘Kurban’. Deirde has gone on to appear in a number of Hindi films as well, playing female characters such as Sonam Menon in ‘Mankatha’ and Kiran Maan in ‘Iruvar’. She also has a minor role in the BBC show ‘Dad’s Army’, and is set to star alongside Al Pacino in a film called ‘Million Dollar Baby’.

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