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Dharti Bhatt Bra Size & Body Measurements

Dharti Bhatt Biography is an ideal biographical source book for people who are passionate to know more about Dharti Bhatt. Dharti Bhatt first appeared in Indian television serials as the protagonist of Roopam. She played the lead role in seven serials which went on to become the longest running soap opera in Hindi television history. Dharti Bhatt also acted in several other popular Hindi movies and her career spanned two decades beginning from the late seventies.

Dharti Bhatt has been a good actress in her younger days but her acting ability declined as she grew older. At the age of thirty-two, Bhatt finally decided to shift to films and concentrate on playing smaller roles. However, one director who saw her acting ability and wanted her for a lead role in his next film was instrumental in setting Dharti Bhatt straight. Rajkumar Kohli was the famous director who cast Dharti Bhatt in a lead role in Bhumika. As it happened, Dharti Bhatt impressed the director so much that he was soon after offered the leading role in another film by Kohli.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 33 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 33-25-34 Inches

Dharti Bhatt’s name did not reach the world stage until the late eighties when the popular television actor began appearing in some popular Hindi films. The director saw that Dharti Bhatt had charisma and thus offered her the leading role in Bhumika. Dharti Bhatt’s measurement during the audition for Bhumika was noted by the director. Dharti Bhatt’s physical description matched the physical description of the character thus casting her in the film became a no-brainer.

Dharti Bhatt’s impressive physical presence did not end there however. She further improved on her looks by undergoing several plastic surgeries which not only enhanced her bust line but also gave her more curves. Dharti Bhatt’s looks improved substantially with time and in the nineties, she began to get opportunities in films where her size did not matter. She got chances like playing the evil sister in a series of comedy films where she played a mean girl. However, it was in the eighties when she finally got recognized for her starring role in a film which had the word ‘brat’ in its title.

Dharti Bhatt has always maintained that she never had any bra size preference or size measurement preference prior to the time she auditioned for Bhumika. Dharti Bhatt maintained that her size measurements did not come into play at all while casting Bhumika. Even though many actresses claim to have had such preferences (size charts are believed to exist for a reason) Dharti Bhatt has never felt that size had anything to do with her casting for Bhumika. Dharti Bhatt maintained that she had been chosen for Bhumika because of her attractive features and personality, and not for her bra size.

Dharti Bhatt was born with an unusually large bust and naturally became popular with men who look at her bust size as a point of attraction. Dharti Bhatt continues to be an active participant in Indian politics and her popularity is due to her association with the political scene. The fact that her birth place is in an upper class family in West Bengal, India provides the context required for her popularity among the elite and middle class Indians. Dharti Bhatt has never tried to hide her physical appeal and is proud of her physical attributes. Dharti Bhatt has been quoted as saying “Everywhere I go people ask me for a bra, but I don’t need one.”

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