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Diora Baird Bra Size & Body Measurements

The beautiful young model Diora Baird has been known to walk the ramp for many fashion weeks such as the Runway Collection for Dior. She has been called the “little lady with big dreams”. Diora first appeared on the ramp during the 1994 Spring/Summer Series and showed very well in both the show and photos. During the following seasons she appeared in the line by Ed Hardy. She has gone on to play the role of Angel on the television series Smallville.

Diora B Baird is an award-winning actress who was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in the movie Finding Nemo. After the movie came out Diora B Baird went on to star in several other successful films such as Mystic River and Meet the Parents. In the late eighties Diora B Baird went back to acting, however, her luck was not quite as good as it had been in the previous years. She was not nominated for an Oscar for her second turn as Angel.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 31 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 31-2535 Inches

In 1996 Diora B Baird decided that it was time to get involved in politics and get involved in local and international affairs. She ran for mayor of las Angeles but lost out to Richard Lammens of Beverly Hills. Shortly thereafter, she decided that she wanted to be an advocate for women in the fashion world and she thus began her career as a fashion advisor, consultant and agent. However, it was while she was working as a consultant to the Fashion Institute of America that she would finally receive the break that would change her career. This came about when she was asked to star in a commercial for Dior that was meant to be a follow up to their prior commercial, Bed Bath and Beyond.

The movie itself was an excellent commercial for Dior and featured Dior Atkins, Daniella Cicarelli, and Michael J Fox as three women who got together at a beach for what the characters in the ads called “bed and breakfast.” As one might expect, the commercial was a huge hit, and immediately Diora B Baird was signed to MGM as a producer and also became an in-demand actress. Over the next few years B Baird became known for playing a variety of characters in television shows, movies, and commercials. Her credits include: Dinner For One, Everybody Loves Raymond, Chicago, Catch Me If You Can, Earn Your Money, Hawaii Five-O, Law & Order, Men in Black, Mom, Phases, Roseanne, Saturday Night Fever, and X-Files among others.

Diora B Baird’s early life was somewhat interesting. She was born in the Caucho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and grew up on the north side of the city in what is now the trendy South Beach. At the age of 14 her mother encouraged her to try out for the Brazil soccer team but B Baird declined, opting instead for a role on a television show. Although she failed to make it to the national team her acting career began when she appeared in the movie Mom and My Dad. It was while B Baird was appearing on the television show That 70s Show that she began to develop her starring career, landing various supporting roles in movies including The Mask, Pretty Woman, and Swing Vote.

The early part of Diora B Baird’s career is characterized by her winning beauty and her beautiful smile. After several years on her late night talk show appearances, Diora began to be recognized as an actress on both the television show itself and on Broadway. Her appearance on Broadway brought her recognition with the producers of the musical Hamilton whose play critically acclaimed Baird was a part of. Later B Baird would feature in the films Invictus, Meet the Parents, and The Perfect Score. As her film career progressed, Diora B Baird moved into more character roles, appearing in action films such as Crazy Heart, Men in Black, and The Informant! During the late eighties Diora B Baird decided to move onto theatre where she starred in a number of popular plays, most notably as the aging Queen Elizabeth in the BBC drama Band of Brothers.

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