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Doris Day Bra Size & Body Measurements

Doris Day is remembered today as one of the most famous actresses of all time. She was a name that millions associate with a certain type of beauty – a statuesque, bold woman with a touch of mysticism that made her the ultimate Hollywood sex symbol. Doris Day trivia will show that although her days in Hollywood were long and enjoyable, there was definitely a lot more to her life than just being an actress. She was very much a people person and a very private individual.

Doris Day is best remembered today as the founder of the Hollywood Animal Foundation, which she created in memory of her friend and fellow actor, Carol Burnett. Doris lived in Los Angeles with her family of five and she was very close to her mother and father. Doris Day grew up in what was known at the time as Hollywood and was surrounded by a wide circle of famous people and entertainers. She had a friendly rivalry with actresses John Aston and Joan Collins whom she called “the trio” and she never felt she belonged to any of them.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 35 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Body  Measurements 35-25-35 inches

Doris Day was born in segregated California in 1931. Her mother was an American women’s rights activist and she would take to writing about various social issues and political issues while her father fought World War II in the Pacific. Doris Day has said that her greatest dream in life was to be an actress but her career was far from a success because of the lack of opportunities available to African-American women at that time in Hollywood. Her mother was able to send her to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where she pursued her degree in English, drama and photography but she always remained proud of her birth country and her contributions to society.

Doris Day grew up in Southern California and became a well known singer and actress during the late thirties and forties. She had many personal battles with racism and sexism, but she always remained true to herself and refused to accept any type of stalling in her career. She refused to bow down to the requests of white producers and directors and she refused to give up on her dream of being an actress. On the day that she was to turn seventy-one she came out with a new album which was very successful and made her one of the most popular African-American celebrities of all-time.

Doris Day received four Academy Award nominations for her role as Joanna Page in the movie The Deerhunter. Her extensive filmography also included films such as Patton; Spellbound; Swing Vote; Manic Woman; Leave Me Before You Sleep; Eat Pray Love; Man on the Moon; Scrooged; Come as You Are; A Few Good Men; And the Island of Speech. Doris Day also spent a lot of time traveling throughout the United States and visiting many of the most prominent stars and writers of her day. Because of this extensive tour of Hollywood, Doris Day became known as a Hollywood celebrity as well as a humanitarian and was even nominated fourteen times for an Academy Award for her work in the entertainment industry. Doris Day is recognized today as a Day of Remembrance for those who have lost their lives fighting for social justice and awareness.

Doris Day is celebrated every year on the fourth Sunday of May. It is believed that the real name of Doris Day is unknown because her daughter may have given birth to the first Sunday of the month instead of the customary sixth. Doris Day is dedicated to the memories of Doris Day Relief, which was created by the author of the novel The Man Who Knows Too Much, Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock wrote a fictional account of the life of Doris Day along with her sister who was born in the same town as Hitchcock. Doris Day became a day when Hitchcock’s daughter went to visit her aunt in Washington where she learned about her mother’s death and the story of her lifelong friendship with her sister.

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