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Ghana Ali Bra Size & Body Measurements

Ghana Ali is a Pakistani actress, television and film actress. She is extremely popular for her role as a Pakistani in Hollywood films, television and theatre. She has also enjoyed strong commercial success with her first major role in the Geo TV series, Sangdil. She went on to star in Rangreza, a film that was eventually released in 2009.

The late 1990s were the golden age for Ghana Ali’s career. She appeared in many famous television shows, such as Maseeh, Dayana, Islamabad Show and Aabara Aslam Beg. Her character in Maseeh was Saleem Hasreet. She went on to play a vital character in the action-thriller Nights In White Satya. Innsbruck was another good action-thriller that she featured in and then went on to appear in other successful Pakistani shows. However, her best-known role was in Islamabad Show wherein she played the lead role, and later in a TV series, began a romance with actress Sharukh Khan.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 28 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-28-34 Inches

It was during the late eighties that Ghana Ali’s name became synonymous with actresses that were prominent in Pakistan television, and specifically in comedy and drama. There was no other woman in those days who could be a part of the comedy genre, and it was also rare for women to be seen alongside men in that era. But since then, things have changed drastically. Sharukh, Dayana and Maseeh have all achieved huge success and popularity in their home countries, while Ghana Ali remains a name synonymous with quality television shows. She has been married to actors from those times and has four children, all of whom are successful both domestically and internationally.

While it may not be a safe step to compare these women’s careers, it is also true that a lot of them began their careers as members of popular social media platforms. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter allow women to show off their beauty, their intelligence, their style and also to create and share art. A typical Ghana Ali, as evident from her Instagram page, posts pictures of her beautiful and smart kids, and pictures taken by her son while he was away at college. It is therefore not out of place to compare the achievements of Ghana Ali and those of Kaaf Kangana, who too has millions of fans on Facebook.

A notable aspect of Ghana Ali’s career in Pakistan is her constant portrayal of corrupt officials, criminals and others who are against women’s rights. The most notable example of her being compared to these characters is in the hit movie “Chak De! Pakistan” where she plays a vicious female politician, demanding the resignation of the prime minister. While many saw this movie as one with far-fetched plot, others understood the essence of what the actress was trying to convey. In one scene, she is seen without her hair pulled back, displaying her cleavage proudly for all to see.

Then, there is another context in which the actress’ name and face need to be distinguished from the likes of Kahara Saleem. That is, while the name Ghana Ali is commonly used to denote the actresses of Pakistani descent, with the name Kahara Saleem, or a woman with the same first name, she is actually a Pakistani actress. Her first name is actually Saleh, while her last name is always pronounced as “Kahara”. This is because in Urdu, like in Pashto, whenever you have two first names combined, it is pronounced as “Kah-ray-uhm”. This explains why a successful actress in Pakistan like Kahara Saleem can have both a first and last name. So, while Ghana Ali is just simply Ghana, and Kahara Saleem is simply Saleh, the two are two different faces of the same woman.

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