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Gong Li Bra Size & Body Measurements

Gong Li is a Chinese actress, most commonly considered to be among the best actresses in China today. She has also starred in some of the best Chinese films ever made. Her breakthrough role was in the film Tai Chi Chuan (The Longest Day), which she did not talk in, but acted in. Because of her success, Gong Li has gone on to star in many more movies and won the Best Leading Actress Award at the Golden Globe Awards for her part in that movie.

Born in Binzhou city, Gong Li was originally calling Jean-Michel Arpino. Some sources say that her given name was based on the Japanese name of the same name, which translates to “appear graceful”. However, according to some biographies and interviews, her original name was Jo Pak, and that is how she was identified by her own family. Also, according to some accounts, Jean-Michel was not comfortable with the way the Chinese handled their names, and she would often request that they be changed to phonetic spellings of her names.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 35 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 35-25-35 inches

Many Chinese remember Gong Li for her role in the television series: Happy Days. That was the first network television show in China for which she was paid, and it was her first role out of a number of TV shows that she had been involved in. In this show, Gong Li played the character of Ying Yang, who was a friend and sometime love interest of the main character, Jeff Lebowski.

After the end of the Happy Days show, Gong Li decided to pursue her acting career, and she appeared in a number of popular films during the late 1990s. She has mostly acted in films about Chinese women, and these have made her a very popular name in the Chinese acting scene. Most of her acting work was done in Hollywood, but she did also have some small role in high profile Chinese films such as The Kung Fu Panda and Mulan. It was these films, which catapulted her to the status of being one of the most popular Chinese actresses in the world today.

During the late nineties, Gong Li also began to star in her own popular television series, which lasted eleven seasons. This was the start of her association with the Chinese industry, and later on, movies and television dramas were often filmed in the Chinese capital. In the early part of her career, Gong Li mostly served as an actress in low budget films, and later on she became known for her many popular roles in the Hollywood movies. She was also nominated for the Best Actress in the 1996 Academy Awards, and she became a popular figure in the Chinese culture after that.

At the end of the year 31 December, Gong Li turned herself in to a Chinese national, and renounced her American citizenship. On this day, at the request of the Chinese government, the American Consulate in Beijing requested the cancellation of Gong Li’s passport, as they claimed that it was obtained fraudulently by the Chinese actress. On the other hand, the Chinese government claimed that the decision was made by the Consulate in Beijing on behalf of the Chinese government. After this, Gong Li was forbidden to leave China, but later she was allowed to travel to the USA.

Some years later, Gong Li became a member of the Beijing Film Festival jury, and also for the first time ever, was able to attend the premiers of Chinese movies in the USA. On this occasion, she impressed the audience with her flawless understanding of both the language and the culture, which was found wanting by some of the jury members. The film jury praised Gong Li for being able to cope with the cultural differences and maintain her composure even when some members of the audience acted out. Finally, on the winning night of the Beijing film festival, the award was given to Gong Li.

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