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Gunjan Malhotra Bra Size & Body Measurements

Gunjan Malhotra Biography is a term used to describe the life of legendary dancer Gunjan Malhotra. Born in 1913, Gunjan was brought up as a child in Mysore, initially as part of a theatre troupe before going on to study at Vellore and Jai Mahal Hindu University. She worked hard on her way up the ladder, from stage maid to first lady, before breaking into movies in the late 40s.

Gunjan has always maintained that size does not matter and has never addressed a size competition between herself and her female counterparts. She has been described by others as being ‘a natural-born giant’. In many ways she has been criticized for her height, though her measurements are widely available. Gunjan has been photographed in a number of different sizes but has never attempted to have herself measured or try to claim any sort of record regarding her size. This article intends to address the question, whether Gunjan Malhotra measures bigger than other famous Indian performers.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 33 B
Waist Size 27 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 33-27-34 Inches

Her dress sizes have come under scrutiny in the past, where she has been pictured as smaller than Coimbatore resident Priyadarshan Sahoo. However, Sahoo did not use to be a regional actor, appearing regularly across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. Similarly, Gunjan has had her dress sizes called into question, even by her own family. According to one point wise question, published in a local publication in India, Gunjan was given a size four! At another point of time, her measurements were quoted as fifteen.

There are a number of possible factors which may affect Gunjan’s bra size. The most common factor is her Indo-Persian heritage. Gunjan’s father was an architect, who likely taught her to measure herself in those days, as she would often wear traditional Indian clothing. Additionally, Gunjan’s ancestors were also of Indian descent, therefore the chances of her carrying on this tradition are great. Moreover, Gunjan is of South Asian descent, and her bra size is likely to be influenced by this. It is also possible that Gunjan has merely been blessed with an extremely large bust, which could explain her odd bra size.

Gunjan could easily wear a two-three, three-four or a four-size brassiere, and it is also possible that she wears a small corset. Her figure is well built for a woman of her age, and her bust size fits the description of a woman of this age. There is also the matter of weight, which could affect her bra size. Although Gunjan is very thin, weight loss in film and theater often results in her looking smaller. Her weight loss in the face of the decline in her looks may have also led to her need to wear smaller clothing sizes.

It is unlikely that Gunjan ever measured her bra size while she was working, unless she was hired for a part-time role where she had to use a corset, which could explain her odd bra size. However, it is possible that she did, which is why we know that her bra size is consistent throughout all her films. Alternatively, she may have chosen to wear a corset for some of her early roles, which explains her odd bra size in those days. Whatever the case, Gunjan did not need to worry about being too small, because neither is true of the other characters in her films. Regardless, of which one of these explanations is correct, Gunjan certainly did not need to worry about her body size, as her height and slim build make her look good.

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