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Hong Huifang Bra Size & Body Measurements

Hong Kong starlet Hong Kong opened her singing career with the hit song Hong Kong Romance. The song went to number 1 in the charts of the Hong Kong music charts. Hong’s other songs also went to great heights, including Hong Kong Daddy, Hong Kong Romance 2, Hong Kong Kisses and Hong Kong Teens. At present Hong Kong is one of the most popular Chinese language’s films ever made in China. There are various movies that have been released in this Chinese film language, including Kung Fu Panda and Home Sweet Home. In all these Hong Kong movies, Hong played the central role.

Hong Huifang was born in Fujian province in Sichuan province, where she was a good student. After graduation she joined Shanghai TV as a dancer before finding herself in Hong Kong, playing the part of Hong Kong girl in the TV series. After the series ended, she moved to Hong Kong and became one of the best known and loved Chinese actresses here. She has gone on to become a well-known and respected Singaporean actress.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-25-36 Inches

The best known of all her Hong Kong movies is undoubtedly Hong Kong: The Movie. This Chinese film has won the hearts of people here. It is directed by none other than Chow Kaikin, best known for his films on martial arts. The movie is about a Chinese girl called Hong whom our hero Chow falls in love with. The movie has also been successful due to its excellent acting performances by actresses Ms. Fan and Ms. Chen.

Another great Hong Kong movie is the late Lim Sha Soon. This Chinese film tells the love story between a Hong Kongese girl called Ms. Man Ling and an American man here on Singapore, and it was made by the well-known Chinese director, Hu Hong Kong. It was a hit upon release and went on to become one of the best-selling movies of all time. Ms. Man Ling is played by Ms. Feng Shui, better known for her role in the TV drama Kung Fu.

There are a few more movies that Ms. Feng Shui may have appeared in that would be worthy of mention. One is the Hong Kong action-thriller Romance, which starred Ng Ka-keung and Chau Soon Pei as a married couple who escaped from an airplane crash. Another is the Hong Kong action-thriller Undercover, which starred Hong Kong action star Ang Lee.

Among the other major stars of the film industry in Hong Kong are Hong Kong’s most celebrated actresses, such as Ms. Chowiping, Ms. Fan Ping, Ms. Tsang, Ms. Yee-hsin, Ms. Zhu Lin, and Hong Kong’s first openly homosexual star, Hong Kong’s most popular actor cum director, Mr. Chow Wing-kwon. Ms. Chowiping played the lead role of a Chinese girl in the late 1970s who fell in love with an American man. She became an international superstar through the late 1990s and is now happily married with two children. Ms. Tsang played the role of an evil secret agent in the late 1980s, before she developed a career as a movie actress. And last but not least, Ms. Zhu Lin played the role of a Chinese character in the late 90s and has since become a well-known Hong Kong celebrity and a best-selling writer.

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