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Huma Qureshi Bra Size & Body Measurements

H Huma Qureshi is famous for her huge body and curvy figure. She was born in Iran and is famous for her curves. H Huma’s size and body figure made her famous. She has appeared in many famous films and television serials. We will discuss H Huma Qureshi measurements

H Huma’s Curvy Figure: There are some Hollywood celebrities that are known for their curvy figure. However, not many have the kind of body size or body shape that H Huma has. Her curves has made her famous. You can find out more about her curves, size, body size, bra size and other beauty tips and tricks from this article.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 36 B
Waist Size 24 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 9  (US)
Body  Measurements 36-34-36 Inches

H Huma’s Body Type: H Huma has a broad shoulders. This is called as the “v” shape in her upper part. This shoulder shape is very popular amongst many women. You can find out her waist size at the end of this article. When it comes to the size of the waist, you can find out the measurement by adding two to the current size of your waist.

H Huma’s Body Measurements bust/cup size: H Huma’s bust/cup size is measured at bust level. You can find out her cup size by using sizing charts available online. You can also find out her chest and hip dimensions by using a measuring tape and clippers.

H Huma’s Physic Measures: H Huma’s physical features are not complex. However, many models fail to understand her physical constitution because she often appeared slim and beautiful in front of the cameras but when you have seen her in person, you could see that she was really fat inside. To get a clear picture, let us try to include her fat percentage inside her body type – the flat bust type. She has an average fat percentage of 9% in her body structure.

The Build: H Huma’s build is characterized by her large chest size and full hips. These make her appear very curvy and beautiful on the photo shots. Many people believe that H Huma could not sustain her body weight or remain fit after giving birth to her first child because of the excessive fat deposited in her body. However, this does not apply to this model. As mentioned above, her weight loss after giving birth to her first child made her lose a bit of weight and her slim and muscular physique were perceived as a very attractive one, which allowed her to successfully enter into the Indian modeling industry.

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