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Husna Bra Size & Body Measurements

A prolific actress in Pakistan and India, Husna has also acted in some Hollywood films. Born in Karachi, Husna is described as an elegant, beautiful and charming woman, who loved to lead her fashionable life. She had a passionate and adventurous nature, which she displayed on the screen, often to the amusement of her audience. She loved to enjoy the finer things in life and appreciated art, music and literature.

This fiery lady, Husna Sheikh, today out of Pakistan, has been Pakistan’s first lady, Bhutto’s second wife. They were married clandestinely many years ago. She kept herself away from government business, but privately behind the scenes she was the country’s most influential women whose kind words can earn you a high ministrieship or even a ministerial position in the government or in the provinces. Born to a Punjabi family from a modest background, Husna started her career with small roles in local plays, but slowly started earning more popular roles in national and international movies.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 30 B
Waist Size 26 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 30-26-34 Inches

Husna’s early roles were those of an actress, but later on she shifted to playing parts in Hollywood movies, where her strong features and flawless skin won her many awards and accolades. But it was in the late 1950s that Husna made her famous and began a prolific acting career. She displayed her gorgeous looks and winning personality on the silver screen in four very successful movies. Her first and the last movie in her career were ‘Muqal Baig’ which was later made into a hit movie of all times. She did a lot of sequels to her first and last film.

There are many reasons as to why Husna has become a much loved and respected Pakistani actress in the Hollywood scene. One of the major factors is her beautiful and gorgeous face, which is rare to find in Pakistani actresses. Another reason for her success is her gentle and caring personality. It was also because of this beautiful and gentle character that Husna was able to play such different roles. She played the part of an evil, yet beautiful and powerful villains in’Karachi’, a love story between a girl and a boy in ‘azaat’ and a cute and adorable character in ‘Irani Zabihi’.

Apart from her three movies, Husna has also been in the limelight for the past ten years, playing supporting roles in a number of popular television programs of our time. She has been in a number of popular television serials, action series, cartoons and comedy flicks. In all these shows, Pakistan has portrayed itself as a progressive, strong and proud country. All these have been punctuated with Husna’s perfect beauty, her enchanting features, her friendly and caring nature. These have always endeared her to movie viewers and the audience of various popular television channels in the USA and UK.

So, why should we not follow our love for this charming and talented actress? After all, we have only seen three movies from her and that too in a very short span of her career. If she has not given a single ounce of all her talent to her acting profession, then why don’t we give her the opportunity to show us her acting abilities in a Pakistani film? After all, her acting in these films would also be a testimonial to her acting skills and a clear indication of her ability and talent.

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