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Jana Malik Bra Size & Body Measurements

Jana Malik was born in Karachi, Pakistan. Jana is Pakistani actresses who appeared frequently in television serials during the early years of her career. Jana Malik was also recognized by the Pakistan Film Council (PFC) for being one of the best female actors of her time. She is best recognized for playing the lead role of Pashi in fantasy series, Naagin, that aired on Geo TV. Her other films include Dhanbad, Teela Chana Kayi, Kairaam and Kahara Jir Jo Saad.

Jana has three major film roles that she has been best known for. She is most known for being the lead character in the television series, Sharukh Khan. Jana played the role of a simple villager who saved Sharukh’s life when he was sentenced to death. She was so kind that she decided to spend her days with the man who saved her father. In the TV series, Jana had to undergo a great deal of physical and emotional hardships and the audience got to know this side of Jana at the end of the show. Jana is also best known for her role in the television show, Meena.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-25-35 Inches

The other major Jana Maliky role that she has portrayed was that of sharks in the movie, Om Shanti Om. Jana played the role of a young woman who was married to an opium dealer. Lahore city, where Jana resided, was the setting for the film as it was the time of her marriage to an influential figure. Jana continued to work on various movies throughout the year and was even nominated for an Oscar for her performance in the film, Om Shanti Om. Jana’s most famous role in her film career was that of Reena in the movie, Welcome.

In Pakistani theater, Jana is best remembered for her performances in two movies that were made just before her homeland was occupied by the Taliban. Both these movies, titled Human Beings, were released in the early years offal rule. Jana played the role of a young woman who survived the attack on the city of Quetta and then found herself going through emotional and physical hardship. It was through her films that Pakistani audiences were able to learn about the resilience and fortitude of a common girl from Lahore.

Jana has since gone on to have several more successful films including Humko Kaveer Teeen Maar Khan, As If There’s Anything Else, Dhabir and Kaa Kool. These are only some of the Jana Maliky films that she has appeared in. She is one of the very few actresses from Pakistan who has managed to break into Hollywood. She has also done a lot of television serials and has come out with her own line of DVDs. Jana is yet to face any kind of serious competition from any other Pakistani actresses.

Jana is an accomplished actress from Pakistan and has managed to live a full and exciting life, even when the wind has turned against her. She is still looking ahead to the days when Balochistan will once again be independent. Her courage to face hardships has earned her many friends across the globe. Her efforts have also seen the establishment of literacy programs in many provinces of Pakistan. All this and more make Jana a celebrity of sorts and one to be respected.

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