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Janet Jones Bra Size & Body Measurements

Janet Jones is an American actor, singer, songwriter and actress. Janet Jones became famous due to her role as the loveable and caring Jeannie in the hit movie A League of Their Own. She also had minor roles in other movies such as Friday, Leave It Like That (1985), C.R.I.E.N.D.S (1986), Viva Zapata (1987), A Time To Kill (1988) and Swing Vote (1990). Since then, Janet has gone on to star in a number of well-known movies including Pleasantville, Happy Days, Scrooged, Wild Things, Vegas Vacation, Saturday Night Fever, E.T. and Loui, and has even made guest appearances on some popular television shows such as Wheel of Fortune, Deal or No Deal and Choices.

Janet Jones began her acting career in the theater when she was just eleven years old. She was cast in the musical “A Chorus Line” as herself, and this lead to her development into a recognizable character on Broadway. Then came her breakout role in the critically acclaimed musical The Heartbreak Kid. This show became quite popular around the world and led to other notable roles such as in the film High School Musical, The Nutty Teacher, Edward Scissorhands and After School Magic. Following this, Janet went to play the lead role in the feature film Pretty Woman, as well as the TV series The Perfect Score.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 33 B
Waist Size 35 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Body  Measurements 33-25-35 inches

Janet started to gain notice as a result of her television appearances. In the television show ER, she played the unforgettable role of Ellen DeGeneres. She also had some small parts in the Harry Potter franchise before the release of the fourth movie in the series, mention of Hermione Granger. Following the success of the Harry Potter movies, Janet became busy with several other projects including the TV series Charmed, Dinner for Two, and Frasier. Finally, it was the hit series Scrubs where Janet showed her talents as a seasoned medical expert and that finally led to the breakthrough that would transform Janet’s career.

Janet Jones has always remained professional and diligent in her efforts to maintain a fine image. While the spotlight has often been focused on her face, Janet has also made sure that her career is marked by impressive contributions to the areas of the performing arts. She has received numerous awards for her work on stage and screen, including eight Emmys and the Golden Globe Awards, as well as a Screenplay Oscar for Scrubs.

Janet’s career is not without its controversial moments. For example, in the TV show ER, her character Dr. Monica Barr was often shown smoking. Janet denied for years that she smokes, and while the producers did cut out smoking from the show’s script, they allowed the actress to continue smoking. Afterward, Janet Jones released a statement saying that she has never smoked pot, and that the rumors are simply lies meant to create humor.

Janet’s professional accomplishments have made her one of the most popular and respected actors in Hollywood. Her roles in Scrubs, ER, and Friends have won her critical acclaim and numerous awards. The next time you see your favorite actor in a TV show, look no further than the person who plays the character that you root for. Janet Jones will most likely be the first name on your list.

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