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Jayachitra Bra Size & Body Measurements

A biographical book on actress Suki Koharama called Jayachitra Biography; written by Avijit Dhamo is a great read. Jayachitra is one of the very few female martial arts practitioners who had a prolific career. She is known for her many films including Happy Days, Kung Pow Enter the Fist, Pretty Woman, Dammit’s Law, The Bodyguard, Dammit, and others. She was also in the English Premier League as an assistant to Bruce Lee for a short period. She has since retired from acting and is now a yoga instructor and teacher.

Jayachitra Biography traces her roots to Kerala and she was a housewife before she began her acting career. She studied yoga and tried to join the Kerala Board of Ayurvedic Practitioners, but could not get admission. She then went to the veterinary college in Kovalam and studied medicine with Ravi Varma. She then joined the famous Telugu film production company, Star Pictures where she acted in some very good movies.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 36 B
Waist Size 27 Inches
Hips Size 37 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 36-27-37 Inches

Jayachitra is of Indian decent and as such, she is a citizen of India. She has two daughters and a son who are now grown. Her parents worked as teachers in the Tamil institutes when she was young, and then she entered the movie industry after that. She has made eleven films all over India, but her fame and accolade for her role in Kung Pow Enter the Fist made it to the national level. She later appeared in Happy Days along with her daughter Priyadarshan.

Jayachitra’s Net Worth: It is not known how rich Jayachitra actually is, but she was a celebrity in the state of Tamil Nadu before her marriage to Ravi Varma. Even after marrying her husband, she continued to work on the movie sets, which earned her a lot of money. She also traveled around the country, doing different films. But it was her Kung Pow Enter the Fist part that made her famous. Jayachitra became a household name for the common people, thanks to the Bengali cinema’s heroines.

Jayachitra Biography: Jayachitra was born in Kolkata, the largest state of the Andhra Pradesh. Her parents were well educated and she was studying medicine with Ravi Varma when she started acting in the Tamil movies in the late nineteen eighties. Her role in the Kung Pow films made her a star and she moved to the city of Hyderabad and became a popular personality there.

Jayachitra is currently married to a Chinese man named Vijay Ravi and has two children. She has been nominated for best actress in the first two categories of the Film Fare and Best Princess category at the 2021 BET Awards in New York. She has also been nominated for the same categories at the 2021 MTV Asia Awards in Malaysia. She has also won Gramma award at the 2021 Satellite Awards.

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