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Jean Acker Bra Size & Body Measurements

Jean Acker is one of those rare Hollywood actresses who achieved success in both the theater and the big screen. She has been called by some as the most unique actress of all time. She achieved a lot of success as an actress, but more particularly as a writer. In her late years she wrote many books and was even nominated for Academy Awards twice.

Jean Acker was born in 1906 in Omaha, Nebraska. Her parents were both farmers, and her father died when Jean was just ten years old. She never developed the vocal tone that would help her gain success in the early days of her career, nor did she have the talent for drawing. Yet, she was a successful actress throughout her life. She had a famous last name as well, which came from a failed marriage to Frank Capra.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 33 A
Waist Size 24 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 33-24-34 inches

Jean Acker lived in New Jersey for much of her life. The wealthy family that she belonged to wanted her to keep her maiden name, so they made sure that Jean would see her rich uncle in New Jersey and spend some time with him. She never really felt like she fit in there, so one day she decided to take a tour around the United States by train. While in New Jersey she met Rudolph Valentino, and the two became lovers.

Valentino fell in love with Jean Acker during the course of the third week of August, 1978. The two went on a two and a half week vacation in the United States, which ended in a hotel in New Jersey. They were married in New York City on the following day. This is when Valentino learned that his wife was dating Jean Acker.

As a result of this divorce from her husband Jean Acker moved to Beverly Hills and began working with Universal Pictures, the producer of such movies as Grease and Walt Disney. When she left the movie studio she signed contracts with several other companies, including Goldcrest, and was an uncredited credited actress on a number of movies. Among these movies is the Jean Acker cameo as an Italian mobstress in the movie Meet the Parents. There is no record of Jean Acker ever appearing in that movie, or any others that might have used her name.

Jean Acker’s role in Meet the Parents may be considered a minor role, but it is certain that she did appear in at least one other episode of that film. Despite this appearance, and uncredited appearance, Jean Acker remains largely credited as an on-screen alla maxima. Her name does appear on some prints of the movie, most notably in the credits of the third and fourth installment of the series. She is also listed as an additional uncredited character on a Star Wars video game and the Italian release of Tomb Raider. While it is unlikely that Jean Acker will ever regain the public’s trust, the role of an uncredited, last on-screen alla maxima has left a lasting impression upon American viewers.

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