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Jere Fields Bra Size & Body Measurements

Jere Fields was born in segregated Mississippi in 1950. At the age of five, she was assaulted by white men who accused her of lying. She was arrested and taken to jail where she endured the unexplainable beatings that were administered to her just because she was white. She spent many years of her childhood locked up in a white area of the old Attica prison. After the attack, however, little was known about Fields and she resurfaced decades later in the late 1980s, claiming to be “Jere Fields.”

In on June 3rd of this year, Jere returned to the United States to tell her story to People magazine. She was identified as a former Miss Universe. When interviewed by the publication, however, Fields denied any memory of being in prison. She was described as being in the mid sixty-six to seventy-five years old range. The only physical evidence of her existence came from a set of dental records that were in her file in Mississippi State.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 41 B
Waist Size 33 Inches
Hips Size 40 Inches
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Body  Measurements 41-33-40  inches

Jere was born in segregated Mississippi. She was described as having dark skin and was the daughter of two mothers. She grew up in what was then referred to as the Stuttgart School in segregated Mississippi. As is the case with so many other black Americans in modern history, her life story has been largely overlooked by the media and the people who should know more about her life.

A casual search for information about Jere Fields would reveal hat her full name is Jere Leisha Fields, and that she was born on July fourth, ither July first or July second. If this is the same woman, she is also known as Jere Leisha Irvin, and that she was born in what is now in June of 1959 in onslow county, North Carolina. At the time of her death, July fifth, she was listed as a guest speaker at a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee. Her death certificate also lists her birth city as Nymer, Mississippi. This could very well be Jere’s step-grandmother.

Although no public records are available to verify the accuracy of any of the dates mentioned in this article, there is information that has been published in various books and in various obituaries. One book that mentions several deaths that took place in the months of 1958 is the book “Memoirs of a Black Woman” by Mildred Hillman. In this book, it is stated that Jere Fields had been born in Nymer, Mississippi. It is also mentioned that she was a teenager in the month of July of that year in what is now Tuesday, November of last year. These facts would tend to indicate that the birth date given in this article is correct.

The only person ever mentioned as having a birth in the month of July who was a celebrity in any way was Audrey Hepburn, who was born in June of that year. The only other name that has been cited as being common in connection with this birth is “jjemmy walker”. This is the same initials used by actor and director James Patterson in his novel “A failure to rise”, which would make Jere Fields one of the first celebrities created by a major movie producer. Today, Jere is a singer, writer, actress, and producer, living in California.

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