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Jin Yinji Bra Size & Body Measurements

Jin Yinji (Jin Yimin) is a South Korean actress of Chinese descent who is best known to the public as Jin Yinji in the television show “Diva”. She is a popular character actress in the show with her loyal and ever cheerful attitude. She was heavily involved in the production of the first two episodes of the show. Her character was a main protagonist of the show and became popular as well.

Gam Ngan (Yong Ho San) is the youngest member of the main cast of the show. He has been playing the role since the second episode of the first season. He is an original member of the show and plays the role of Bong Su. The two became friends in their youth and remain good friends to this day.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-25-36 Inches

At the age of seven, Dong Ju began his career by playing the lead role in a musical called “Reelin’ in the Years” before gaining success in his role as the lead actor in “The Perfect Score” in 1997. Later that year, he went on to play the lead role in the award-winning movie “Crocodile Hunter”, as well as the lead role in the award-winning movie “A Man For All Seasons.” In 1998, he appeared in the TV series “MacGyver” as a consultant for the show. At the age of twelve, he made his feature film debut in the Korean film “Irene”, playing the role of Ok Soo. Later that year, he appeared in the award-winning movie “Crocodile Hunter 2” as a consultant for the series.

Other than her role as Jin Yinji in “Diva”, Joanne Froggatt has also portrayed other supporting characters in the show such as the mother in the series “When Harry Met Sally”. She has also appeared in a few movies as a main character, most notably the movie “When Harry Met Sally.” In 2021, she became a contestant on “The Price is Right” as one of the competitors who took a walk on the wild side. Other supporting characters that have appeared on the show include Jin’s brother, Kang Ho, as well as his best friend, Bum Bo.

It should be noted that Jin Yinji is the youngest sister of Chopper. As such, the two sibling’s dynamic will often clash with that of the audience. However, the show is most definitely a hilarious comedy that will entertain its viewers. In fact, Jin and Bum are often seen as the most popular characters on the show along with Jin’s brother, Kang Ho.

Another thing that makes Jin and Bum stand out from the rest of the cast is that they have the ability to switch back and forth between their roles effortlessly. They also have excellent singing ability, which contributes to their success as actors on this show. On a final note, it should also be mentioned that Jin Yinji was also a contestant on “So You Think You Can Dance.” Her performance as Bebe Neuwirth gave her an opportunity to showcase her talents on the small screen.

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