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Joan Blondell Bra Size & Body Measurements

Rose Joan Blondell is known to have appeared in some of the most memorable films of all time such as High School Confidential, Saturday Night Fever, Swing Vote, Grease, Get Shorty, A Fish called Wanda, and Grease Live. Joan Blondell’s first major role came in the title role of Romance, opposite Marlon Brando in Meet the Parents. She then appeared in the musical, Grease, opposite Eddie Cochran. Joan Blondell trivia will show that although these roles were very popular, they did not help her get the acting career that she had long dreamed of having.

Joan Blondell’s first appearance on screen was in the film, Grease. She was cast because of her glamorous hair, which made her seem like a perfect “blondes holiday”. Rose Joan Blondell trivia will show that this image of blonde, beautiful Blondel was a creation of marketing which also meant that advertising agencies saw her as an important part of their movie budget. This publicity helped Joan Blondell gain notice in the film industry, and she appeared in several more films, many of which were less successful than those of her earlier films.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 33 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Body  Measurements 33-25-35 inches

Later in her career, Joan Blondell found her biggest role to date in the critically acclaimed, Dog With No Name, which she also produced with her friend, Clyde Stubblefield. Blondelle again managed to excel in her filmography, playing the same character in a number of other films including The Secret Life of Bees, Love, and Big Love. These films helped Blondelle to build a large client list that lasted for years, which included memorable appearances in the films of Shemp and Ava Gardner. Later, her reputation declined slightly, although it never dropped completely. In fact, Joan Blondell continued to receive widespread critical acclaim for her films throughout the remainder of her life, and she was nominated for Academy Awards for those same titles.

Joan Blondell’s greatest role to date would be that of Holly Golightly in the Hollywood blockbuster, Rocky. Golightly played the role of a young girl who is sent from her mother to live with a rich relative in Colorado. This relative is controlled by two men (pit bulls) who want her to go out and meet “a big boy”, and “chickadee”. Golightly eventually gets herself accepted into a boarding school in Colorado, and she quickly develops a crush on Rocky Balboa. As the years progressed, the two develop a strong friendship.

Joan Blondell trivia will show that even though she never won any major awards throughout her career, or even had a particularly good ranking, she was always considered a top-notch actress. She received five Academy Award nominations and was nominated for three of them – for The Deerhunter, For a Time in the West, and For Mass). Her final movie, A Day in the Life of a Woman was largely ignored by the Hollywood elite, but it was a box office hit, and she remains one of the best-selling actresses of all time.

Joan Blondell trivia will also show that her name became synonymous with vaudeville as well. She has been known to perform on stage and in videos with such names asinine Gruber, Roseanne Barr, and former Spice Girl Melanie Brown. Her notable film roles include: Grease, Come As You Are, and Dabney Coleman’s The Perfect Score. She also had a long and impressive career in the television industry, playing dozens of different characters in a wide variety of shows, including M.A.S.H., Rhoda, Miami Beach, and numerous others.

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