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Lakshmi Chandrashekar Bra Size & Body Measurements

Lakshmi Chandrashekar is perhaps one of the most famous personalities from Rajasthan. Born in 1486 CE, he was a prince from Udaipur (the City of Lakes). There are many myths and stories that surround this prince; some of them have even travelled across the centuries to explain the reasons behind his elevation to the heavens. Some say that he was born with an extraordinary talent; that is why he was trained as an engineer, but that fizzled out, and that left him with a meager fortune.

It is rumoured that during his early years, as a child, he used to see his deceased father lying on the funeral pyre. This made him very angry, and when his father’s body was raised from the ground, it was so because of the son who witnessed it. He then vowed never to take his father’s body to the funeral, and so he did. It is said that this man went on to live almost a century, and then got married to the daughter of King Asoka of Magadh. This legend is related by the biographer of Ashoka the Great.

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Lakshmi’s life also featured quite an interesting incident. It is said that once while hunting, he came across a leper. This leper was much smaller than he was, and so Lakshmi’s anger burned deep. He bit the leper till the man died! It is said that many people came to see what all the fuss about, but none noticed the fact that the leper had died through the use of a Brahma Nadi tattoo!

It was said that after this episode, many gods got angry with Lakshmi, took him away to the heavens and asked him to fetch the ocean that was encased within the Brahma Nadi. Lakshmi complied, and the ocean was called the Mahasthani. This is why the story of the leper and the Mahasthani Ocean was told in the story of Mahasthani Fish. There are many other stories that relate to this Brahma Nadi, and it is due to these that many myths about Lakshmi relate to him.

When Vishnu Gupta, the king of Magadh got sick, he sent for a sage by the name of Varanasi, to come and cure him. The sage arrived but did not find any medical treatment for him. However, he did tell his story to the king, which is one of the many Mahabharata legends that relates to his miseries. The king, hearing this story, requested a physician, called Yashtimadhuk, to bring medicine for Vishnu.

Yashtimadhuk did bring the medicine, but the king did not believe him. He thought that Yashtimadhuk was responsible for the death of his father. Yashtimadhuk explained to the king that he was just following the story of a cowherd called Sudhumbha, who had cured many sick men by using herbs. Sudhumbha was travelling from his city of Kashi (also known as Alambagh) to the town of Nalanda (now in India). It was on this journey that he met and fell in love with a Brahmin girl called Sailaka. But, since she was not ready to marry a non-Brahmin, he offered to marry her if she agreed to marry him and live with him in Nalanda as a full-time wife.

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