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Lin Meijiao Bra Size & Body Measurements

Lin Meijiao is an extremely popular Singaporean actor who primarily is known for his dramatic acting. Lin Meijiao has also been one of the country’s most successful personal chefs and is known for being extremely meticulous about the way in which he prepares food for his clients. Other than acting Lin Meijiao has also pursued a varied career throughout his lifetime, including working in the arts, education, television, as well as serving a term as a cabinet minister in the Singapore government. Lin Meijiao’s official biographical dictionary entry on the subject of his schooling is as follows; Lin Meijiao studied computer science at tertiary level in the University of Singapore. He was also qualified to sit for the Mathematics Ciphers Examination, an entrance exam that is held to assess potential math students with a rudimentary understanding of algebra.

Lin Meijiao also studied acting at tertiary level in the Art University of Singapore. His studies spanned subjects such as literature, film studies, film theory, graphic design, television production design, commercial art, and interdisciplinary studies. Lin Meijiao’s degree in the arts was concluded with a dissertation on Chinese, contemporary traditions of dance, painting, printmaking, music and film. In terms of his net worth it is generally thought that Lin Meijiao may be worth an estimated two million dollars.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-25-35 Inches

Lin Meijiao was born in Chung Soon village in Singapore, which is also locally known as Lin village. This was a fairly prosperous rural community, and Lin Meijiao grew up attending the local junior secondary school before going to secondary school in GKSB college in Kuala Lumpur. There he also became a member of the sports club. After graduating in 1996, he began a two year course in International Business at the University of Hong Kong. There he gained a Bachelor of Arts in International Business and then went onto the University of London School of Business where he earned a Masters Degree in International Business. Whilst at the University of London Lin Meijiao began to hone his acting skills, playing the lead role in the musical The Royal Ballet, as well as appearing in a number of commercial plays.

Today Lin Meijiao leads a much smaller filmography team than his predecessors. The current director of the films has confirmed that Lin Meijiao does not hold the rank of full-time director of the company. However he is still involved in the company’s decision making process and is often consulted when decisions need to be made. Lin Meijiao has always described himself as a multi-faceted actor and director. As we have seen during his career he has worked with some of the top names in Hollywood.

The current director of the films is not only using Lin Meijiao as an actor in films, but as a consultant on script writing, story boarding and casting. This is on top of the acting work Lin Meijiao has done. As we can see from his roles in films, Meijiao’s ability to play different characters and conform to different blinkered gender roles is second to none. We should all applaud Lin Meijiao for taking the lead role in the Hong Kong film industry. His ability to be sensitive while remaining true to his roots should be treasured for generations to come.

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