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Louise Fletcher Bra Size & Body Measurements

Louise Fletcher is one of those whose memorable movie roles have become a part of filmography. Her career began in Hollywood where she appeared in films such as The Deerhunter (1954), The Man With One Red Shoe and She Did It So Easily (1956) and Swing It (1961). After the end of that first contract, she joined The Royal Court Theatre in London, playing the role of Greta Garbo. She later went on to star in such films as On the Waterfront (which chronicled her marriage to King Curtis), The Mysterious Lady (which starred Goldie Hawn) and A Time to Kill. Since those roles, Louise has been seen in movies ranging from westerns to romantic comedies, from period pieces to science-fiction thrillers and more.

However, it would be her appearance in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan that cemented Louise Fletcher’s place in the hearts of millions of Trek fans worldwide. In this movie, we get to revisit one of those classic Space Shuttle missions that occurred in the third episode of the series: “Space Seed”. This time, the ship is tasked to transport an alien who claims to be a Cuckoo Bird back to his home planet.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 22 Inches
Hips Size 33 Inches
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Body  Measurements 34-22-33  inches

When the Enterprise crew makes contact with the alien, they learn that he is deaf. As it turns out, the alien is not actually dead at all, but he had the ship lowered to keep from landing on the surface of the Sol III planet, where he would be crushed by the natives. As a result, he takes the crew and their alien friend to his home world, which is where the two decide to return to the Enterprise. There, they meet two of their other deaf friends, who take them on board the USS Enterprise, where they encounter the Cuckoo Crew.

What follows is one of the best scenes in Star Tre: The Wrath of Khan, as the crew takes a trip into the home of the Cuckoo Birds. After landing, they are met by their old friend, Cackoo. This time, however, he is not deaf; he is in fact, quite the opposite. He welcomes them aboard his ship and teaches them many of the skills they had not learned during their previous trip. As a result, the two must work together to help the natives of the world survive and learn to deal with their surroundings. One of the most moving parts of the movie happens after this, as the two finally return to the Enterprise, only to be stunned by their appearance on the transporter room floor.

While the character of Cackoo was originally created as a joke, Louise Fletcher has managed to make an entire genre of her own. Her career has spanned many years, and she has been nominated for Academy Awards for each of those times. In addition to her feature work, Louise has also been known for playing the roles of janitorial workers, a police officer, and a number of maids and servants in films and TV shows. As with all the great characters that have come before her, if you are looking for a role where you can shine as a strong, resilient, and confident character, then look no further than Louise Fletcher. In The Cuckoo Book, her unique style shines through as she plays the role of Zulu, the head of the Vulcans.

Louise is not the first deaf star to receive an Academy Award nomination, nor will she be the last. Her contributions to the world of cinema cannot be overlooked, and she is an important part of the genre. For those who enjoy science fiction, action, and a little humor, then The Cuckoo Book is an easy read that is sure to become a favorite. For those looking for an interesting, intriguing, and positive portrayal of deaf people in movies, then The Cuckoo Book is definitely a title to add to your list!

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