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Malavika Bra Size & Body Measurements

Malavika Biography is the first movie biography which focuses on the life of actress. She was known for her flawless looks, winning accolades for her roles in many movies throughout the decades. Her most renowned role is that of Kanjeevaram, the lover of Vithala in the movie “Laxam” from the 1980s. She went on to have a number of roles in all genres of film, acting in everything from period plays to comedy movies and even in some Hollywood movies. The success of Malavika Biography has made many fans get excited about what is to come in the second installment of her career.

In the late sixties, Malavika began to hone her acting skills and went on to appear in many movies, some were into political action and some were into soap making. After her appearances in many Telugu film industries, her popularity began to grow and so did her roles in various other mediums. Slowly but steadily she climbed up the ladder of the Telugu speaking actor hierarchy and from there it was a smooth sailing to her selection for the role of Kanjeevaram in Laxman. Kanjeevaram was one of the more successful and long lasting movies starring Alias before he decided to switch loyalties and join the fray again with Kamal sheath in the movie “Kodambakkam”.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 32 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 32-25-34 Inches

It was this transition which catapulted Malavika to stardom status, since her fans fell in love with her for the first time with the lead part in “Nuvu Nuvvu nenu kalisunte”. She was given another wonderful role in the equally successful film “Kamal sheath’s” where she played the rebellious daughter of a prominent politician. She was also given a supporting role in “Nantamount Patru” for which she was nominated for an Oscar along with Mukesh Bhatt. The success of Malavika boosted her reputation and she was soon seen in all leading Hindi films and even in Chinese films, in the movie “Mankatha”.

There was a rumor that her contract with Sahoo was coming to an end, which might have prompted her to move to a bigger city to sign a lucrative deal with pictorial company picturisation. But that was just a rumor started by rivals to beat her at the post. When she signed the multi-picture deal with picturisation company picturisation, Malavika realised that the money that was paid to her was just the start. She was now a household name in and out of the market thanks to her numerous hit songs in the market, which made her the first ever super singer in the market.

After the success in ‘Nuvu Nuvvu Nenu’ and her first album “Shivarishta” (the first Indian Hip Hop album ever) Malavika left Hyderabad to study at Ravi Bhargava College of Art and Design in Delhi. She studied the styles of both Indian dance and traditional music. She was also a strong devotee of Kabhi Kola and other forms of dance. It was from this time that Malavika began to learn the classical dances of Nepal like Kathakali, Rama and Geetankari. And in due course of time Malavika began to hone her skills as a vocalist and singer as well as a song writer and artist.

Her first album ‘Amen toi’ was released in 1996 and went on to sell like hot cakes. Though Malavika has gone on to make eleven more albums, the favorite ones of the public include “Bhagavan”, “Naanma” and “Shodh”, all of which have topped the bestsellers charts in the country and the region in which she hails from. All these albums have been successful not only in domestic Indian market but have also gained commercial success in international markets, including the UK, US and Australia.

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