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Meesha Shafi Bra Size & Body Measurements

Meesha Shafi was born in Iran. She is popular as an actress in the Middle Eastern country. Meesha was also a dancer. Meesha has appeared in several films. In one of her films she played an old lady who befriends an infant. The film called The Lady Who Played With Fire is dedicated to her.

Meesha Shafi moved to Canada in the 1980’s. She has created a name for herself as an actress in the pornographic industry. Meesha has appeared in a number of Urdu movies in the recent past. Recently Meesha has been featured in a number of Pakistani films. Her roles have been praised by Urdu film critics. Meesha has made twenty-six films in Pakistan and twenty-three in Canada.

Meesha Shafi has been compared to many Pakistani singers like Hameed Akhtar and Sheraz Azeez. Hameed Akhtar is one of the most popular male actors in Pakistan and Hameed Azeez is one of the best male actresses in the country. Hameed Akhtar is popular as both a heartthrob and an actress.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 28 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-28-34 inches

Meesha Shafi’s mother, along with her two sisters, was a famous personality in Pakistan. They were members of the Ahmood Rabbani tribe. The three sisters grew up going to the same school as their maternal grandfather. Meesha Shafi studied journalism in Pakistan before becoming an actress. Some of her films that were shown in Pakistan had to make do with religion and even sex.

Meesha Shafi has been named among the female performers in the year 2021, who were nominated for the best actress award at the British Film Awards. Meesha was also shortlisted for the best director award at the same year. Her other award at the year was for the best supporting actor award. Her role in the film “Band Load” was seen by millions of people all over the world and made her an actor par excellence.

Meesha Shafi is scheduled to begin work on her second Meesha Shafi Foundation Act campaign this coming spring. Her foundation is an effort to empower girls and women from underprivileged backgrounds to pursue education and make their own futures. Meesha has become an articulate spokesperson for the education sector in Pakistan. She is due to appear at the Global Stage Education Festival in London in the month of April, where she will be given the chance to speak out on behalf of young women and girls. Meesha’s first project as a celebrity will hopefully be an enlivening of the public dialogue on gender equality.

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