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Megan Zheng Bra Size & Body Measurements

Megan Zheng is a Singaporean actor & writer who acted in two Singaporean films: One More Chance and Homerun. At the age of ten, Megan was already acting at the local theatre, playing different characters such as a Chinese girl and boy respectively. She later appeared in the popular television show “Lucky Number Slevin”, where she played the character Nita, who was a street urchin who appeared in an episode. At the age of thirteen, Megan made her first film appearance in the movie Kung Mangai where she again acted alongside Chow Lin. After that, Megan Zheng has gone on to appear in different television shows such as Moomin: The Movie, Good Burger, The Perfect Candidate, Gossip Girl, Men in Black 3, and Angels Like Dad. At the age of seventeen, Megan won the hearts of the public when she appeared in the Singapore film The Way, where she played the role of Bridget, the preteen who fell in love with an American tourist.

Megan was born in Singapore, the son of a Chinese man and a Singaporean woman named Laura. Laura was born in Hong Kong, while the Chinese were still allowed to live in the country. After six years in the United Kingdom, Laura moved back to Singapore where she gave birth to Megan. During her early years in Singapore, Megan worked in the canteen as a waitress, and later on, she landed herself a role in an English television show.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-25-36 Inches

It was this TV show that caught the attention of Singaporean audiences, and from there, Megan became an overnight sensation in the Asian-Pacific nation. However, despite her increasing popularity, there were questions as to her physical stats. Would she be able to handle the physical demands of being an Asian-American role model? Would her Asian ethnicity come into play as she tried to deal with the differences between cultures in the country? Thankfully, the answer to those questions is yes.

Megan’s bio at the Chinese Internet portal Usenet suggests that her birth place is actually not in Singapore, but rather in Fujian province in China. This puts her in the mainland (or Cantonese) bracket, making her eligible to apply for any role in TV shows based in the Chinese mainland. Her personal profile at SingNet indicates that she is a modest person and not overly outgoing. In fact, her bio suggests that she has studied only English since she was young, and that she is not overly familiar with languages other than English. This does not preclude her from being able to handle a variety of roles in future projects based in the Asian Diaspora.

Now that she is in the midst of pursuing various roles in movies and other media, it is likely that Megan will be able to add some diversity into her resume. It is interesting that her biography at Chinese Internet refers only to her studies and fails to mention that she is also passionate about music and theater. Though she was born in October, the name of her birthstone is also October. Her full name is Megan Zavala.

One more note about Megan’s biography on SingNet: Her full name in SingNet is Megan Zavala, and not Megan Zheng. As it turns out, Megan did not get the name “Megan Zheng” because of her nationality or race, but due to her prolific writing. Her bio at Chinese Internet, however, lists her full name as Megan Zavala, and her nationality is Singapore. So whichever name she goes by in the future, the name Megan Zheng is going to be linked to her body measurements.

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