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Mink Brar Bra Size & Body Measurements

Mink Brar is a fashion-textile manufacturer based in South Africa, known for the Mink Brar Shirts. Mink Brar is also a producer of lingerie, including panties, bras and intimates. Mink Brar started out in 1986 as a small business. Mink Brar’s founder Albert Mink invested his savings into starting Mink Brar, and Mink Brar soon became a popular name among fashion enthusiasts. Mink Brar bras and other Mink items are often featured in fashion magazines, leading several to dub Mink Brar as “The darling of the fashion”.

The late Albert Mink was a German-align model and entrepreneur. Mink travelled to Minkiably, where he met the owner of Mink Brar, Flora Mink. Mink fell in love with the bridal wear of Flora and began investing in Mink Brar stock, which soon became Mink’s largest single source of income. Mink also became an important force behind Mink Marketing, which involved spreading the word about Mink Brar and Mink Brand across the world, and helping create Mink Brand images. Mink was so instrumental in the growth of Mink Brar that Mink Brar now has its own international division.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 32 B
Waist Size 29 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements  32-29-36 Inches

Mink’s daughter Victoria Mink became a popular face on Mink Brar packaging, thanks to her association with the Mink Group. Mink created several Mink Brar theme collections, which were popular with teenage girls. Mink marketed Mink products using traditional marketing practices, such as creating a Mink inspired range of lipsticks and mascara, which came in a variety of colours, and printed with Mink fonts. Mink Mangers was also advertised on Mink social networking profiles. Mink’s Mink Style Manger doll also became a popular doll, due to its likeness to the late Princess Diana.

Mink Brar was responsible for many other Mink related innovations. Mink recognized the potential economic, cultural, and environmental impact of establishing wool fiber farms in India. Mink decided to create a complete Mink clothing line, using ethically sourced raw fabrics from India and Sri Lanka, with designs influenced by Mink culture.

Mink’s latest innovation is Mink Fashion London, which designs and manufactures women’s clothes and accessories inspired by Mink Brar culture. Mink London handbags include Mink wraparound bags and Mink zip around bags. Mink Tote Bags are made from 100% organic cotton and is suitable for everyday wear. Mink Vintage Bags are made from an original Mink fabric, featuring original Mink embroidery and zippers. Mink Vintage Satchel Jackets is designed for long term wear and can be used during the winter season. Mink Vintage Wrap Jacket is also available and has been created with an original Mink pattern and design.

Mink labelled their range as Luxury Wedge Collection because it is made from quality materials and is ideal for day-to-day use. Mink branded their Mink Bath Collection as Relax Collection because the collection is suitable for daily bathing, and is also water repellent. Mink branded Mink Wrapped Slippers as Casual Collection because of the comfort, and style, that it offers to the feet. Mink branded Mink Strap on Glasses as evening or casual wear, owing to the elegant look that it lends to the wearer. The Mink brand has been successful not only due to its beauty but also due to its eco-friendly policies.

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