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Neelam Muneer Bra Size & Body Measurements

Neelam Muneer is a Pakistani actress who appeared in television shows and movies. She is well known for portraying the character of Ulfat in TV series Dil Makashaj, which won her a Golden Globe award for Best Television Actress in 2005. Neelam Muneer did not get to stay in Pakistan long as she was born in the United Kingdom before the Partition of India and spent the first eight years of her life in Britain. She later moved to Pakistan and joined the film industry in 1998. Neelam Muneer has also acted in some documentaries and her performances in those films have led to her receiving nominations in the British Academy Film Awards for her work in television and movies. Neelam Muneer’s other notable works include the films No Ordinary Family and Zero Hour.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 C
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-25-36 Inches

Neelam Muneer was born in Karachi, Pakistan and is currently married to an American man. She received a diploma in communications from King’s College, University of London and studied English literature at university. Neelam Muneer has a daughter called Kaylee, who was born in the United Kingdom. Neelam Muneer’s father is Pakistani and her mother is British. In fact, her mother was a chef in London while her father worked as an accountant in Pakistan.

Neelam Muneer’s first major role was in the television drama Kung Mangal, which was loosely based on the true story of Indian writer Tarun Brar. She played the role of Aman Singh, a main character in this show. Later, she was involved in a number of successful Pakistani screenplays including Musharaj, Kayyam Al-Raz and Mika Mehnaf and was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Musharaj. Neelam Muneer’s other major roles were in the action-adventure film titled Eid Saleh, the drama called Sharbat Churida and the romantic comedy movie Bombay Ka Ghazab Kahani.

Neelam Muneer is not related to Tarun Brar or Mika Mehnaf but they do share a common age. They both began acting at a very young age of fifteen in a play called Zabar Khilji. Later, Neelam Muneer began appearing in Pakistan television programs and even started her career in journalism. She later worked as a reporter for the Express News Group in Lahore, Pakistan and then went on to become a television producer in Lahore.

Neelam Muneer’s most notable role in Pakistani television was her stint as Sholam Sinai in Musharaj’s Kinky Dancer. Neelam Muneer’s other major acting accomplishments include her appearances in the drama called The Place. Neelam Muneer’s career spanned over a number of years in which she appeared in a number of popular shows including Sideline and later worked in a spin-off of the same show. Neelam Muneer’s last major acting role that can be remembered by Pakistani viewers was in the crime series M Kamal Amrohi.

Neelam Muneer’s best known role may have been her long time presence in the television screen but that does not mean that she is forgotten by many. She has gone on to feature in a number of well-received films and also has a number of important biographies that are worth reading if only to know how much she has achieved. One such biography is Neelam Muneer’s Bollywood biography which is a must read for anyone who is familiar with the career of Neelam Muneer. Neelam Muneer’s other two films that have just hit the screens include Iruvar and Neelam. It is interesting to note that Neelam Muneer was not in all those three films since her first performance in Sideline was in the same movie as that of Kamal Amrohi.

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