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Neo Swee Lin Bra Size & Body Measurements

Neo Swee Lin is a Chinese actress who is popular amongst Chinese and Asian American audiences. Born in 1984, she is of Chinese descent and was described by one contemporary Singaporean author as “the most beautiful Chinese face that Hollywood has ever cast”. She is best known for her work on television, most notably in the television programme Kung Fu and in the feature film Hong Kong, where she played the villainous Madame Ling-fu. Since the release of those films, she has established herself as a name synonymous with Chinese movies and theater in the west, especially in Europe and America. Her other notable roles include Nurse Jackie, in the film’s House of Flying Daggers and The Matrix series and Cleopatra in the movie version of the play, Cleopatra.

Neo Swee Lin was born in Singapore, the first of two children of ethnic Chinese parents who had migrated to the country. She was described as being “not really the child that people expected” when they were looking at the family tree. Her birth was, therefore, not a surprise to anyone, and it led to her being called “Neo”, which is the common term used for Chinese in Singapore. She grew up in the public school system and while at college began to focus on theatre as a means to earn a living. After graduating, she moved to Hong Kong to pursue her acting career, and has appeared in a number of TV dramas and movies ever since. She has also written several books relating to her Chinese and Singaporean cultures.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-25-36 Inches

One of her most well-known roles is in the television drama Kung Fu, playing the evil mistress, Crazy Woman. She was also in another Kung Fu film, House of Flying Daggers, as the evil trio of Ghost, Scar, and Dragon Master Feng. Neo’s role in these films helped to launch her career, and she was soon cast in a number of more famous plays, including Crazy Christmas. In these she plays a crazed Christmas-themed serial killer who terrorizes the residents of a small New Zealand town. Neo is played by actress Ong Cho, who is best known for her role as Hokeybuy in the TV sitcom Smallville. She has also appeared in a number of Hollywood films, such as Kung Fu Panda, Finding Nemo, and The Fantastic Four: Rise of Mr. Negative.

Neo, in the television drama Kung Fu, was played by actress Jing Hee. Like her Hong Kong-ese counterpart, she too had a crazy and psychotic look about her, and wore a black leather outfit, which included a large red tie. Her character is a practitioner of a mysterious martial art, called Jeet Kune Do, and she uses a sword and a pair of scissors. She also uses various weapons, such as a pair of hooks, and even a bo staff. Now, let’s not forget about Neo’s co-worker and friend, Jessica.

This article is dedicated to the crazy and awesome live action-thriller starring Neo, known as the Jewel of the Opera in four seasons of Kung Fu on TV, as well as Crazy Christmas in a few movies. This article would not be complete without the mention of the late Robert Downey, Jr. The Spiderman actor has appeared in a number of different films (aside from this, he was in the equally fantastic Iron Man 3 and did not spoil the ending of that film for me). However, the most important role of his career would be that of Neo in the Matrix trilogy – this role turning him into one of the world’s best-known Neo clones. Robert Downey Jr., of course, does a wonderful job of playing the lead character and helps to sell the notion that all humans are Neo’s clones. The original storyline of the Matrix was created by American author Keanu Reeves, who was then unable to film in the USA because of the illegalities of the producers, who wanted Reeves to star alongside Tom Cruise, rather than his own character.

Neo, now called Neo-Smee, was the last of the original Neo clones to die in the movie. When his life was ended by a bullet, the world learned that there were another Neo replicas, which began to attack humans. This led to the formation of the first National Peace Police Force, which is why I feel that this film ranks as the best foreign language film in the whole of Singapore, let alone the country itself. There are many other superhit movies from China, Japan and India, but this is still my favorite, and it makes me happy every time I watch it. If you want a great Singaporean film, with a story that will stick with you long after you have seen it, you should definitely see The Singles of Leisure.

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