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Niki Aneja Bra Size & Body Measurements

Niki Aneja was born in Brazil and has been described as the bra’s size queens of the world. She has been the subject of many articles, books, music videos and television shows because of her body. Niki Aneja is described as having large breasts that drive men wild but in truth, it is her natural bust size that attracts the most men. Her ample assets are shown off in her music video for “Fireworks” and in her bra size lingerie line.

Niki has been compared to Madonna due to their similar face structures, their large bust sizes and similar styles. Niki is able to draw attention to her assets by the way she dresses and moves in her videos. The way she moves and dresses may have contributed to her increasing popularity as a Bras Fitter. Niki has been described as a very sexy woman who can wear whatever she wants regardless of size.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-25-35 Inches

Niki Aneja’s Bras Fitter profile says she is committed to helping women feel beautiful and feminine. She also promotes healthy living and promotes self-esteem. Niki Aneja is quoted as saying she was always determined to make a difference in the fashion industry when it came to bra size. Niki has appeared in various publications including Vogue, InStyle, Brides and other women’s magazines. She claims that she was the first woman in Brazil to have a bra size smaller than a D.

Niki Aneja has performed some stand-up comedy routines and has been known to lampoon her body in her humor. Niki Aneja’s fan base appears to be mostly female with some male fans who seem to like her sense of humor. Niki is not the first Bras Fitter to make fun of their own body in a humorous manner; however, she has become one of the most popular.

Niki has a fan base from all over the world. Bras Fitter readers also include people from all walks of life with varying sizes and body shapes including large framed men, petite women, plus sized women, and those who need to wear larger size clothing to look their best. Niki’s bras are made with the latest fabrics for large framed women and petite women. Niki Aneja is not the first plus size woman to make jokes about her own body size on her comedy act though.

Niki Aneja was born in Brazil and moved to the United States where she was successful performing stand-up comedy. She is also an accomplished writer and performer who have taken on a varied resume of characters both in and out of the comedy scene. Niki Aneja biography and career have had many ups and downs throughout her course of life but has always remained positive and proud of her accomplishments.

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