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Nimra Bucha Bra Size & Body Measurements

Nimra Bucha was born in Islamabad. She is known for her long and illustrious career, which spanned across decades. She rose to stardom during the 1980s when Pakistani cinema became prominent and leading showbiz in Pakistan. A notable lady, Nimra was also nominated for the Oscar for Best Actress in 1986 for her role in Baahubali. She went on to play the lead roles in the sequel of Baahubali and Lucknow.

As a young lady, Nimra Bucha got into showbiz at a very early age. She began acting at an early age of 15 and by the time she was in her teens, she was considered one of the best actresses. She then started appearing in a number of popular Pakistani television serials which earned her a name and a reputation in the TV showbiz industry. From there, she gradually progressed and became part of the established showbiz family in Pakistan.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 36 B
Waist Size 30 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 36-30-36 inches

One of the most striking features of Nimra Bucha’s career is her eye color that is green. As it is important for Pakistani people to have green eyes, the government encouraged the green eye color for all employees working in the public and private sector in Pakistan. As a result, this enabled people like Nimra to enter into the showbiz industry. Initially, she was known as Niki and was born in Karachi.

Once at a very young age, Niki was spotted by British film director Terry Gilliam. The then director saw her eye color and personally recommended her to do a part in one of his movies. The movie, which the then 23-year-old actress was supposed to do was Bucha! She was meant to star alongside British actor Michael Caine. However, the role went to a non-actor called Maradu Maslam and later on to another actress called Saira Akhtar who played a similar role in the movie.

After Bucha! became a hit, Niki moved on to become a major part of another successful show called Mughal princesses. Her role in this show paved the way for her to become part of another well known show called Ashamed. She has since gone on to act in a number of movies and has become one of the best known actresses in Pakistan. However, it must also be mentioned that Niki has also been very successful in her acting career, as she has been able to play the lead role in a number of blockbusters, which has led to her being nominated for Emme Maru in the best actress category at the 2021 Oscars.

Besides her acting career, Nimra has also been an actress in a number of films and has become part of the genre of films directed by Ashan Mirza Ghani. Some of her most notable films include Ka Fakra (Kathryn Benning), Iqbal (Naseeruddin), The Mysterious Island (Rajinikanth), No Ordinary Family (Sudhanshu Trivedi), The Pirate’s Wife (Arjunghi Manjishtha), and her most popular role to date, which was a starring role in the film Manto Kannan. However, her most successful film to date is Bleecker Struck Down, which loosely resembles the novel of the same name. She is yet to make a feature length film.

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