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Nisha Kothari Bra Size & Body Measurements

Nisha Kothari is a famous Indian actress. She has been known for her versatile acting skills and remarkable body. Nisha Kothari was born in Tamil Nadu. Nisha Kothari is popular among Indian film audiences. She has featured in some of the most popular films of recent years including Welcome, Bhumika in the year 2021.

Nisha Kothari Body Measurements Nisha’s measurements have left the Indian film industry and even the Indian fashion industry speechless. Nisha has been very open about her body measurements and likes to share her likes and dislikes with all the people who are interested. Nisha has been very open about her favorite size. “I prefer bigger waist size. It makes me look sexy and curvier.” Nisha stated.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 24 Inches
Hips Size 35 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-24-35 Inches

Nisha’s Body Measurements The following table gives some of Nisha Kothari body measurements. Nisha stands at only 17 years old. Nisha weighs only eighty pounds. Her height is not very tall and she is round in the hips. Nisha’s weight is very close to the ideal body measurement for women of her age. Nisha has blue eyes and brown hair.

Nisha’s Weight Nisha weighs just eighty pounds. This is very close to the ideal body measurements for women in her age group. Nisha is the same height as many other supermodels. This means that the combination of body measurements is excellent. Nisha’s weight is close to ideal for a super model. Nisha has a slim waist size and a thick butt.

Nisha’s Look Nisha Kothari has been compared to a Hollywood celebrity. She has a beautiful skin and brown hair. Nisha has been compared to a Hollywood goddess with her beautiful body measurements and her impressive looks, which made her a celebrity within India.

Nisha Kothari was born in Mandsipara Phu, Narsipathnam, Kerala. Nisha has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Nisha’s looks are very impressive and her body measurements are also very impressive. Nisha Kothari is a Net Worth of 4.6 Crores. Nisha Kothari was educated at an elite private school in Mandsipara, Kerala. Nisha Kothari attained academic success and has pursued a successful career in aeronautical engineering, computer science and mathematics, communications and multimedia, and healthcare.

Nisha Kothari’s Career Nisha Kothari is an attractive and charming actress in the national Indian movie industry. Nisha Kothari was awarded Padmitra Karya Award for her various honors for her exemplary film and television roles. Nisha has acted in some of the best known Indian films of recent times including Baahubali, Bhumika and Zooloom. Nisha has achieved great success in her acting career and is popular among the masses for her sultry looks and alluring beauty.

Nisha’s Health and Fitness Nisha are a slim and trim woman who maintains a good body figure. She has an impressive bust size that makes her popular amongst the viewers of the Indian movie industry. Nisha has maintained a slim and fit body figure since her early years in life. Nisha has maintained good health and fitness regime since her childhood days. Nisha Kothari has maintained a healthy diet and exercise regime that aid her in flaunting her assets and appearing to appeal to the males. Nisha’s good health and fitness regime have helped her to have a nice and sexy body figure and she has always maintained an eye catching hairstyle and attractive hair style.

Nisha Kothari Biography – Nisha Kothari is a versatile and charming actress from the nation’s erstwhile Bombay. She is popular among the youth as well as the adults for her appeal and seductive personality. Nisha has been awarded with honors like the Best Female Delegate at the Elecning of Jaipur International Festival. Nisha has a great height, weight and age to charm the audience wherever she goes. Nisha is known for her alluring looks and stunning looks at the movies.

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