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Noor Jehan Bra Size & Body Measurements

Noor Jehan is one of the finest actresses and renowned singers of Pakistan’s Bollywood. She is also known by the honorific title Malika-e Taran. Noor Jehan was a Pakistani actress and singer who worked first in British India, then in the movies of Pakistan and finally in the films of Canada.

Noor Jehan was born in Quetta, a small town located in the middle of Baluchistan province. Her birthplace was recorded as Chowkhar village. Noor Jehan’s family was from an affluent and prosperous background. She enjoyed early attention and admiration for her beauty and dancing abilities and was encouraged by her father to take up dance as a profession. Noor Jehan became a talented and accomplished ballerina, dancer and singer who spent much of her early years in London where she studied with some of the best and brightest stars of the 1930s and ’39s.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 36 B
Waist Size 31 Inches
Hips Size 37 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 36-31-37 Inches

Noor Jehan’s first major role came in Hindi movie Zeenat when she was cast as a main character in the film alongside Ranbir Kapoor. Noor Jehan had initially appeared in just a few Hindi films before making her foray into Bollywood. In the film Zeenat, Noor Jehan played the role of Zeenat, a royal daughter who was sent away to marry an inferior man after her father died. Her marriage was a sham and she soon found herself strangled to death on her husband’s bed. Though she was not responsible for her untimely death, it was widely believed that her untimely death was because of a love affair she had with a man outside of the court.

Noor Jehan has gone on to star in a number of popular Hindi films including Kaal Bhairav, Jai Dhan ka Fools and Bhai Dooj. Noor Jehan’s experience as a singer, dancer and actress in Hindi films has earned her a whole new series of fans across India. She is also an accomplished pianist and singer who has released a number of piano cover albums. Noor Jehan has also joined hands with renowned conductor Andree Segal to produce a piano album that has sold like hot cakes.

Noor Jehan’s best known role to date might be opposite Pran Kumar in Bajrangi. Noor Jehan’s role in Bajrangi was not so different from her earlier films, as she was once again playing the role of a romantic lead in a Hindi film. Noor Jehan’s classy voice was able to capture the essence of a romantic comedy for Hindi viewers, thanks to her extensive vocal range. Noor Jehan has also gone on to appear in a few Hollywood films and has been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in 2021 for her performance as Sholay in Apne.

Noor Jehan is certainly talented but has not been able to translate her talent to the big screen. Noor Jehan’s name does still carry some value as an actress despite her not being able to adapt to the fast pace of Hollywood. Noor Jehan is known to have studied yoga and has been keen on staying fit all the time. Noor Jehan’s most liked action hero is Pakistani hero Basit Khan, who was famous for his fierce fighting skills and was loved by Noor Jehan even though she herself did not like fighting. Noor Jehan has appeared in a few Hollywood movies but has failed to make a huge impact because of one little thing – her voice.

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