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Patience Cooper Bra Size & Body Measurements

Patience Cooper is an Indian actress who rose to fame in the late nineteen sixty’s. Patience Cooper was actually an India born actress. She was the younger daughter of Phoebe Stella Gamble from Calcutta who was famous for her amazing body and eye movements. An English speaking person from Calcutta, Cooper also had a short acting career which spanned three films.

Patience Cooper has gone on to have some great roles in the movies and television world, which earned her critical acclaim and then wide acceptance. Some of her films that achieved success include Pathetic, Memento, Swing Kids and A Christmas Story. Most importantly Patience Cooper has played the role of a motherly figure to some of her young charges and then has been the ever-present supportive wife in some of her films. Coincidentally Patience Cooper was also married to the late Kishori Maru early in their marriageable age and had a son named Michael.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 34 B
Waist Size 28 Inches
Hips Size 40 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 34-28-40 Inches

A Patience Cooper Biography will show that she is not only famous for her successful acting but has accomplished many other talents as well. Some of her accomplishments include writing a number of books, including a novel, her first novel was published when she was only nineteen years of age. She went on to write some more novels during the same period. In the late nineteen sixty’s, Patience Cooper had three children and kept in private as a housewife until she got to meet her long time boyfriend, Michael Douglas.

A Patience Cooper biography will show that she worked hard to get ahead in life despite being a woman of few words. She always spoke her mind and often expressed her opinions, even if they may not have been liked by her family at times. Her bold nature made her popular in the Indian cinema scene at a very young age and she was later seen in some movies such as Sholay, Aashirya and Kismet. In her later years, she appeared in some Hollywood movies such as Love Actually and Mystic River.

A Patience Cooper biography will also reveal that her mother was a strong and respected socialite who raised her with the utmost respect. She loved her mother and looked up to her for all her personal belongings, even though her father was a much smaller person in the family. As a woman, Patience always treated her mother in the utmost respect and never treated her like a servant. Her great grandmother used to say that Patience was like a sister and a half because of the kind and caring nature her mother showed. Another interesting bit of information in the biography is that Sharma was Patience’s great uncle. He died when Patience was only thirteen and since then, her family has always considered Patience their closest and most important relative.

Additional interesting information found in Patience Cooper’s biography is that she was actually born in the state of Tennessee but since she was always brought up as an Indian, she always identified as a Southern woman. The interesting part of this book is that in the last third of the book, Patience gives her true identity as Jaya Jadee Age husband’s daughter. In fact, Patience even goes so far as to state that it was her true name and not Jaya Jadee Age husband’s name that were given to her.

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