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Priyanka Trivedi Bra Size & Body Measurements

Priyanka Trivedi Biography is one of the best-selling authors and contributors of the Priyanka Trivedi affair. The author Priyanka Trivedi is an Indian writer, artist and lifestyle guru. She is a master storyteller and a master of subliminal communication. Priyanka Trivedi Biography was first published in 2021 and is ranked among the first ten best-sellers in the market of English books. This article has so many facts about Priyanka Trivedi Biography and the Priyanka Trivedi Biography by herself.

Priyanka is called as Priyanka in Sanskrit and means literally mother. Her original name was Swarnava or Swayambhu, which is given by the Indian authorities. The name Priyanka was given to her by her father at a very young age. There is a story that says that Lord Rama had a daughter called Priyanka. She was the best gardener of the forest and used to give milk to the cowboys on his way to Sarnath.

“Priyankari” means “of the queen’s son”. This name is given to Priyanka by her father at a very young age. The meaning of the word is “one who is delightful to look at”. “Priyankari” is a common feminine name but it doesn’t seem to be an official name in India. “Pryankari” is a common male name. Priyankari is the origin of the English word “privy” or “prow”.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 36 B
Waist Size 28 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 36-28-36 Inches

Priyanka was married to Ajatsatru in Tamil Nadu and they had three daughters. Their marriage ended in tragedy. Ajatsatru murdered Priyanka and committed suicide by jumping from the 16th floor of their house. Priyanka never forgave Ajatsatru for this.

The biographer suggests that Priyanka was perhaps unhappy due to the fact that her husband had died. Priyanka resorted to writing under a pen name to escape from the grief of her husband’s death. She wrote this biography under the pen name Satya Prabha. Satya Prabha is a name that does not mean happiness, love or any positive thing. But it means simply “praying” in English. Priyanka could have been writing under this name to console herself after the death of her husband.

After her husband’s death, Priyanka was very unhappy. She developed severe depression and was completely apathetic towards life. This is the reason why she was a great distance away from her father.

It is mentioned in the book that Priyanka always kept herself busy even when she was away from home. Her only concern was about the welfare and happiness of her daughters. She was extremely unhappy when her elder daughter Nandita was married to an Astrakhan. Priyanka thought that Nandita was better off without a husband.

There is one interesting story in the book. Priyanka’s elder daughter Nandita married an Astrakhan and lived with him. It is told that when Nandita’s husband came to know of this, he decided to remove his wife from his home and then killed himself. The irony is that her daughters were at the receiving end of this tragedy. They both died of shame.

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