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Race Wong Bra Size & Body Measurements

Race Wong is a famous Hong Kong actor. She was born in September 07, 1982 (37 years old). Her real name is Sue Wing Ki. Her real name is very common in the entertainment circle, as many people prefer to use it as her real name. Her real name is also a common name of many singers and actresses in the world today.

In 1980, she went to Hong Kong with her mother and younger brother. They came to live at the Ngong Hills in the Kowloon area. She was always loved by her family for her bright and innocent facial features and for her cute laugh. She is one of the elder sister of the popular Hong Kong Cantopop duo, Hong Kong and Chow Yin. As the years have passed, Race Wong has appeared in many films and TV series.

Bra Size & Body Measurements

Bra Size 29 B
Waist Size 22 Inches
Hips Size 31 Inches
Shoe Size 8  (US)
Body  Measurements 29-22-31 Inches

In the late 1990s, Race Wong became an independent actress in Malaysia. After that period, she formed her own company. In this company, she appeared in a lot of movies and showed her bright personality. After that company, she appeared in a Hong Kong film, entitled “The Man from Hong Kong”, with Jackie Chan.

She has gone on to play the character of “Chow Yin” in the second “Man from Hong Kong” movie as well as a supporting role in the Kung Fu film “Wanted – Dead or Alive”. During the late 90s, she went to work on the television series, “That Leaping Woman” as a sexy martial arts expert. She then appeared in the movie “Swingers” and “Lucky Number Slevin” as well. In all those movies, Race Wong displayed her amazing martial arts skills and is definitely one of the most well rounded martial arts actresses alive today. There is even a world book entitled “The biography of Race Wong” which contains interesting facts about her life and times.

Although it would appear that after decades of appearing in films and TV series, Race Wong has somewhat lost her originality in her acting abilities. However, even with her singing career, her acting abilities still shines through. Many people still remember her from the “Lucky Number Slevin” and “The Man from Hong Kong” movies.

Many of us have become very familiar with the name, “Race Wong”. We may not know her real name but we do recognize her face. For all those who don’t know, she is actually Chow Yin Zang. Her first and most famous role was in the television show, “That Leaping Woman” as a sexy and martial arts expert.

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